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*Spoilers for The Flash season premier ahead*

Season 2 of The Flash got off to a terrific start last night and was, once again, filled with many Easter Eggs for the fans to pick at. While some were fairly obvious (Cisco's tongue-in-cheek Batman reference) there was one in particular that stood out in the episode's opening sequence.

After Barry has his vision and it is revealed that he is all alone in his fight against crime, he races out of Star Labs and, with his pace, he knocks some letters onto the floor. The camera then cuts to one of the letters to reveal the name of Bartholomew Henry Allen, commonly known as Bart Allen!

Who is Bart Allen?

Bart Allen is a speedster who goes by the moniker of 'Impulse' and later 'Kid Flash.' Originally born in the 30th century, he travelled back to our time to join the Flash Family and his grandfather Barry Allen.

Now this could just be the producers messing with us, Bart is from the future after all. Although the show could take the same route as The New 52 canon, as it will do with Wally West, and make Bart unaware of who he actually is. In The New 52 reboot, Bart is unaware he is from the future and has no recollection of his past. This would make for an interesting story arc during the show's second season. What if Bart Allen mysteriously shows up in the 21st century and attempts to contact his grandfather, Barry, which could be hinted at with the "Urgent" stamp on the letter?


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