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Everyone has read a movie review at one point or another. Directors and actors read them to find out how they did. Normal (or as normal as they can be) people read them to decide on what movie they want to see, or if the movie they want to see is a good movie. Movie reviews are often helpful as to ascertaining which movie you want to see. But there is a problem.

We take movie reviews too seriously.


Ok, ok. you may not understand what I mean. Lets break it down. Acclaimed Movie Critic Joe Bob says, "So-and-So Movie was absolutely AMAZING!!! 10/10 would see again" So you go and see this movie, but it is absolutely terrible. The acting is weak, all the jokes are off color, and you end up having a miserable time and wasting the money you spent on a ticket.

Then there's critic Billy Carter, who tells us that the movie he saw was awful, and that you should never, ever see it. So, when your friend comes back from his weekend, he tells you that no, that movie was actually AMAZING, and that seeing it was the best idea EVER.

Really? Really.
Really? Really.

We can't take movie critics on their word alone. Actors may quit in despair if they get a bad review, and people don't go see movies that could have done well on the word of one person. It all comes down to the opinions of the people, not the critics. Yes, they are payed to do this, but just because one person thinks one way does not mean that we have to agree with them. Many good movies have been shoved to the side, just because they didn't get the following they deserved. I believe that if we read critics to ascertain, but not decide, what movies we see, then we could go a long way.


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