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It's simple mathematics.
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Expectations are sky high for next year! DC is prepared to release two new films that will introduce a new look to superheroes and villains that fans haven't seen before. One of the most intriguing films that is set to be released is of course Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which will spark the beginning of the Justice League. The film will feature a battle between two iconic superheroes that has been anticipated ever since they made their debut. Fans would always ponder the question, "The Dark Knight vs. The Man of Steel, who is the victor?" Some may say Superman, mostly because he is the Man of Steel and nothing can penetrate his body or kill him other than a rare element known as Kryptonite. Some may also say Batman, because he's well trained in hand-to-hand combat, a rich billionaire, has a smart intellect, and he's just Batman. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how this battle could happen either way.

Is it all about public opinion?

One man, whose voice is ever so recognizable, and can actually be heard in the beginning of the very first Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer shared his own remarks on the subject. During a discussion with Tech Insider Neil explains how the fight could possibly go down:

"I don't think anyone who would put Superman and Batman in a cage match would possibly think Batman has a chance. We all know, of course, that Batman is human and Superman is...Superman. They both have capes, but Batman can't fly and Superman flies. Superman would wipe his butt with Batman. That's basically what would happen there."

Neil then begins to mention another matchup that could be fairly better:

"A better contest would be Iron Man and Batman. These are two humans, who by technology/science, have created ways in which they can fight crime and get rid of bad people. In that contest, my money is on Iron Man. Because he invented everything that he uses. Batman however, needs... he's got engineers in the back for him working on his exoskeleton."

Two human billionaires that fight crime through technology, and strategizing against each other, I don't know who I would bet on! Neil is starting to switch sides a bit and tries to point out how Batman could possibly triumph over The Man of Steel:

"Now if Batman is ever to defeat Superman it is not in a cage, it is some other way. It is the court of public opinion, perhaps. Forces that are not how big are your muscles or how fast you can run or how high you can fly, but who do you want working for you. That's a different issue. That's a more subtle issue. I'll be an interesting storyline to see how it plays out, of who wins the battle of public sentiment not the battle of the cage match between Batman and Superman."

So Batman can win depending on public sentiment? Isn't that how most superhero battles play out? There never really is a true winner. For example, when Thor fought the Hulk, Marvel never announced which superhero was triumphant. It all depends on what the fans believe, and it causes more debates which always leaves them questioning the outcome of each battle. Superman may very well defeat Batman, but it always depends on what you believe.


Who do you think would win between these two superhero legends?


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