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After Monday night’s episode of Gotham, I was really distraught. These are my thoughts on the episode, so there are SPOILERS ahead (this is NOT a recap). I didn’t want to believe it was true. We all know what I’m talking about. I want to say that the Joker is dead, but the sad truth is that he was never the actual Joker to begin with. I let out a long sigh after that sentence because Cameron Monaghan was the best “Joker” I’ve ever seen (if he had actually ended up becoming the Joker). All I have to say is this: WHAT A TEASE! Why did the writers behind Gotham give us such an amazing Joker and then rip him away! Okay, I’ll end my rant now, but I will go on by mentioning that one of my theories about the characters on the show was crushed by Jerome’s death as well.

How everything was playing out, I really thought that Barbara might become Harley Quinn. The blonde beauty turned psycho really had me thinking. She seemed like a good new twist on Harley, especially in Monday night’s episode when she was on stage with Jerome and hit Theo in the head with a mallet (and in last week’s episode, she even wore Harley’s signature colors). Now that Jerome has sizzled off the show, my theory has almost entirely dissipated.

As discouraging as Jerome’s death was on Gotham, it gives some hope that the actual Joker on the show will be phenomenal. He better be, anyway, because they have set the bar pretty high. If the actual villain doesn’t live up to this inexplicably high standard, they will have a whole lot of angry fans (especially this one!). I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about this season from here on out, but Gotham’s a fantastic show so I’ll stick with it and trust that they know what they’re doing.

Even though Cameron Monaghan never officially became the Joker, I’ll forever keep him in my pool of amazing Jokers. Maybe they’ll use him as the Joker, but he won’t be Jerome (just a look-alike)? Is that wishful thinking?


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