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The Flash. This is a show that had (like Arrow before it) redefined the comic TV show. Despite its changes, you can't help but feel this is truly the closest representation of Barry Allen. With the new season we're getting so much and opening the world to not only one, but multiple universes. Jay Garrick coming in is a prime example of this.


Jay Garrick coming into the show is probably the thing I'm most excited for. Simply because it gives us a new mentor for Barry now that Eobard Thawne is “gone.” I love Joe. Joe represents Barry's moral compass and tries to keep him grounded as a human character. Which is great but Joe doesn't have the speed force in him, he can't tell Barry how to go intangible, how to handle going through time by running so fast he ends up going back and preventing the weather wizard from causing a tidal wave, destroying Central City. Barry needs a speed mentor and this time not someone trying to use him to, in the end, destroy him.

And with this new season under way, we've already started with a bang and going into a sprint right out the gate. Jay Garrick, Sand Demon, Atom Smasher and who knows what else is in store coming up. We can all sit and wait for the awesomeness to unfold, but throwing things out in hopes that I'm right later on is more fun.

That's right guys, this time around on Blue's Views, we're gonna talk about the possibility of bringing in another of Flash's signature Rogues.

Sam Scudder: Mirror Master

A Brief History:

Mirror Master is one of the major villains for Barry Allen, making his appearance in Flash 105 on March of 1959. Sam was just a simple career criminal with a dream: Learn how to get inside the reflection of a mirror. After tons of experimentation and study, he learned how to get into a mirror and trap others within the universe which apparently connects all these mirrors.

Years were spent with Sam as he tormented the Flash, but once the Crisis on Infinite Earths came around we had lost him. But soon after that tragedy we got our new Flash in Wally West. Elsewhere, in turn, in the pages of Animal Man we got our new Mirror Master in the form of Scottish assassin/merc Evan McCulloch.

Bringing it back today, I will admit that since everyone mostly knows Wally from the Justice League cartoon, Evan's Mirror Master would probably be the first one people would call for but I honestly think we should go with Sam's version. It would make sense seeing as he was Barry's rogue and Wally will soon get his own. When we inevitably lose Barry in the coming Crisis (whenever that happens) we can then finally open it up to McCulloch.

How? Well...


Sam Scudder, a career criminal in Central City since childhood, grew up spending his life in and out of detention centers. His only escape was an amusement park and in its house of mirrors.

He was captivated by the mirrors, a desire to get lost in such a place always in his mind.

Skip to the night of the accelerator explosion. Sam is on the run from the police or some people he owed money to and figures he could hide there. He hides, the people chasing him find him, begin beating him but when the explosion happens he finally gets his wish and gains the power to escape into the mirrors. Making short work of the men chasing him and soon working on making a name for himself which Cisco will soon make by way of Mirror Master.

You could even alter it slightly by saying that his power could be unstable and needs the belt that he wears as part of his costume could be a way to regulate his power.

He could've been someone who worked with Snart sometime before the show thus giving him an in to the Rogues, thus expanding the already awesome villain team.

Well, that's my view guys. What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

Like what you guys read? Think you know of a better Rogue to bring in? Why not let the world know?
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