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I am not a movie critic, I am just a guy who loves movies

Transformers revenge of the fallen is a fun popcorn flick that of do think is more fun and more entertaining than the first transformers film, but as a film I think the first one is better but to be honest all 4 of the Transformers movies are pretty bad but there fun and entertaining they have cool action scenes and fun eye popping visuals and such, and they also have some of the coolest scores in film in personal opinion so that is way they are called guilty pleasure.

Transformers revenge of the fallen gets a lot of hate, and I completely understand that and where there coming from there a lot of problems with this film like the bad dialogue and many many plot holes and the bad awful Michael Bay humour that I actually laughed at, and not because it was actually a funny joke and such I laughed because they are just so stupid and awful that they are just down right hilarious and just so goofy and weird.

But for me personally I do really enjoy this film for the entertainment value and I actually do own the blu-ray and I might actually do a blu-ray review for transformers revenge of the fallen sometime in the future.

So I have basically talk about how the film has a good score and spectacular visual effects and awesome action scenes but does it come with a load of problems, well was there anything that use actually dislike or hated in this film and actually in fact nothing really bothered me about this and I do know that this film is not for every body some people will hate it some people will love like me and some people will just think it's ok it's all our own different opinions that make this world a more interesting and a better place to be and also I am not wrong for liking this film or loving its just my simple opinion. So overall I am going to give transformers revenge of the fallen a very fun and energetic 8 out of 10.

So thanks for reading and take care. :) :) :)


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