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On a nice spring day my two daughters and I decided to take a trip to Amarillo to see my son, Hank. We made the three and a half hour trip with no trouble except for the four grandkids constantly groaning and moaning. This was to be expected as they were ages 3, 4 and 5 years, and 6 months and didn't like long car rides. It was evening when we got there and my son, who lived in a motel, got us a room that joined his small place or "kitchenette" as they called them back then because it had two rooms, one being a small kitchen. The door to our room connected to his bed room by way of a door that could be locked to keep others out. He told us that some of us could sleep in his bed as he had to work a night shift at his place of work and wouldn't be in till morning. He told us his girlfriend shared the place with him and that he would be back when he got his dinner break so he could help us settle in and he would take one of the mattresses off his bed for the kids to sleep on. We all sat down and relaxed and started watching the TV hoping the kids would soon be sleepy. All except 5 year old Robert who insisted on "sploring" as he called it. We were all into the story on the TV when he came quite like into the room and came up to me and said really quite and seriously, "Nana, who is the naked lady in uncle Hank's bed?" He asked. "It is probably Julie, his girlfriend. So be real quite and sit down and watch tv." I explained. He sat down and got quite. But, Michelle, my oldest daughter insisted on seeing the naked girl to see if he knew what he saw. I followed her to Hank's room and waited by the door while she peeped inside. She turned and told me that it was a naked lady and she was blonde and laying on her tummy. I waited till Michelle left and looked for myself. Yes she was there but she was half covered with a white sheet! I went back and told them to turn the TV down so we wouldn't wake her. Ginger, my youngest daughter and Robert's mother, insisted on looking for herself. She came back and told us the woman was on her back completely covered! We watched tv till Hank returned and when he came in he asked why the TV was so low. We told him we did not want to wake his girlfriend. He said, "What? Julie is visiting her parents out of town!" We told him about the blonde lady we all seen and he told us that Julie had brown hair! He took us back there and we saw that the room was empty! After settling down and trying hard to convince him that we saw her, he went back to work, and we all went to bed. All night long I heard two people arguing and fussing in the room on the other side of ours! I remembered that Hank had said that there was an old couple staying there, so, I finally went to sleep. The next morning when Hank came home from working l ask him if the old couple argued all the time. He said he didn't know because they were gone on a two week vacation! I told him what I heard and he laughed at me! He said he hadn't heard or seen anything in all the time he lived there! Needless to say we left that evening and told him we would visit again when he moved! He laughed at us as he helped us pack! We didn't go back for over a year and by that time he had moved! To this day he doesn't believe that four people saw a ghost and that I heard two of them! Believe it or not, this is a true story!


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