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Tonight, many loyal fans tuned in to watch the Season 4 premiere of CW's Arrow. While there were many DC references and easter eggs, there was one major one that many of you may have missed.

Episode 1, titled "Green Arrow," just introduced the most well-known Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. While there have been several Green Lantern references and easter eggs in the Arrowverse in the past, this member of the Green Lantern Corps has finally made a small cameo (see below for images)!

During the beginning of the scene in which Oliver is meeting with Amanda Waller, we see a quick pan to the right. However, the pan starts off focusing on a name sewn onto a dark green/brown jacket. Does it look familiar? In the screen shots above, you see a close up of a military-style leather jacket, with a patch that says "JORDAN" sewn onto the front. As the pan continues, you can see an American flag insignia on the left shoulder, indicating that the individual is likely in a branch of the military.

Who Is Hal Jordan?

Harold "Hal" Jordan was the first Green Lantern of earth, and first appeared in October of 1959. He was born in Coast City, and was the son of an Air Force test pilot. Upon becoming an adult, he decided to follow in his father's footsteps, and became a test pilot himself. He was given his power ring by a dying alien named Abin Sur who crash landed his ship in the Californian desert. Green Lantern later became one the founding members of the Justice League.


What do you guys think? Is Green Lantern going to make an appearance in 'Arrow' or 'The Flash'?


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