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Artists make such amazing art, they always surprise me with what their brains can think up and create. While scrolling through the Internet I came across this talented artist, Sakimi Chan, who thought of making some of are favorite internet browsers into humans. I couldn't believe my freaking eyes when I saw these beautiful pictures. So I thought why not share my discovery with all of you? Scroll down and check out the art!

3. Firefox Browser

I'm like in love with this - it's executed very well and the colors are so pretty. I would go crazy to see a crossover of Firefox and the other browsers or Firefox and Facebook hanging out, it would be very cute.

2. Chrome Browser

Chrome is my favorite one, her face is just adorable. She seems like her personality would be bossy, but secretly caring and kind. I hope the artist makes a Safari Browser art, as it's my favorite browser... Don't tell Chrome I said that.

1. Internet Explorer Brower

I feel she really took her time and came up with a concept for this one. The other two are amazing but I love how Internet Explorer has her little map and thermos - it really tells a story. Again the colors are gorgeous, they all come together well and her hair is just stunning. She is probably a kick ass tour guide!

I love the Sakimi Chan art, it always brings whatever character she's drawing to life. I hope you guys enjoyed looking at this beautiful fan art as much as I did. Thanks for checking out this post! I'll See you dudes and dudettes again soon.


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