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For decades, MTV (previously called Music Television) has been a go-to television channel for teens and young adults for entertainment and news (surprisingly not that much music anymore). Over the years, it has helped launch the careers of Carson Daily (MTV's TRL, The Voice), Johnny Knoxville (MTV's Jackass, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Voice of Leonardo), Chris Hardwick (MTV's Singled Out, @midnight, Talking Dead), and even Jon Stewart (MTV's The Jon Stewart Show, The Daily Show). Three shows that have also helped celebrities find their way into show business were MTV's flagship reality shows The Real World, Road Rules and their spin-off series, The Challenge. With a combined total of 71 season (soon to be 73 by next year), these shows were bound to attract some diamonds in the rough that just needed a stepping stone to achieve stardom. Here are 5 of the more well known names that made it into the spotlight since their time on MTV.

Mike Mizanin

Seasons on MTV - The Real World: Back to New York (RW Season 10); Battle of the Seasons (TC Season 5); The Gauntlet (TC Season 7); The Inferno (TC Season 8); Battle of the Sexes 2 (TC Season 9); The Inferno II (TC Season 10)

Post-MTV Career - Mizanin is now best known for his on screen persona of "The Miz" in professional wrestling. Since beginning his career with WWE back in 2006, Mizanin has held multiple championship belts including the WWE Tag Team , United States, Intercontinental, and WWE Championship. He has also made multiple television appreances on shows such as Are You Smater Than a 5th Grader, Psych and Sirens as well as starring in WWE Studio films The Marine 3: Homefront, The Marine 4: Moving Target and Santa's Little Helper.

Kit Hoover

Seasons on MTV - Road Rules: USA - The First Adventure (RR Season 1)

Post-MTV Career - Hoover has kept herself busy ever since her stint on the first season of Road Rules in 1995. Since then she has found a career as a sportscaster and broadcast journalist, landing jobs with Fox News and ESPN. Currently, you can catch Hoover as the co-host of Access Hollywood Live.

Jacinda Barrett

Seasons on MTV - The Real World: London (RW Season 4)

Post-MTV Career - Barrett has a rather long list of acting credits to her name. She has found success in both film and television, landing roles in Poseidon, The Last Kiss, Ladder 49, Suits, and The Following. Barrett is now one of the main cast members of the Netflix Original Series Bloodline, which has been renewed for a second season.

David Giuntoli

Seasons on MTV - Road Rules: South Pacific (RR Season 12); The Gauntlet (TC Season 7)

Post-MTV Career - Giuntoli's name might not be as well known as the others on this list, but he is still very much worth mentioning. Since his time on MTV, Giuntoli guest starred on a number of popular television shows: Veronica Mars, Nip/Tuck, Cold Case, and Key & Peele. However, Giuntoli has a pretty significant claim to his fame. For the past four years, he has been battling mythological forces as the main character, Detective Nick Burkhardt, on NBC's show Grimm.

Jamie Chung

Seasons on MTV - The Real World: San Diego (RW Season 14); The Inferno II (TC Season 10)

Post-MTV Career - Perhaps the most successful Real World alumna, Chung has been in a variety of programs and films showing her adaptability. Since her time in San Diego in 2004, she has been in almost every genre imaginable: horror, fantasy, action, drama, and comedy. Chung's more recent work includes lending her voice in Disney's Big Hero 6, acting in one of the main roles in Hulu's online series Resident Advisors, and reprising her role as Mulan on ABC's hit show Once Upon a Time.

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