ByJordan Hughes, writer at

I've defentially always thought that the hunter and his dad had many simalities since it's the same actor that plays both. Seems to symbolize that the biggest fear he has was dissapointing his father or even becoming just like him.. So Alan being sucked into the game, Represents him running from his fears. But jumanji, clearly being a "magical land" of sorts was able to recognize his fears and brought them to life.. Alan seems to of been completely alone all those years inside the game and anyone who spends that amount of time alone will create an alter ego in there minds, begin to go insane, and run from imaginary figures conjured up in there minds.. And since he did all this inside jumanji it seemed that the game is what created the hunter from Alan's deepest darkest moments of isolation in the game. With all that time to ponder his father and also losing his mind while reflecting, Could Alan of incidentally created the hunter himself through the game feeding on his nightmares and fears?


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