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A lot of people have asked me what the difference is between these games and which is better (since I have played both) so I decided to write of a little review of the core elements of both games. (I promise to keep it short lol)

Honey Im home!
Honey Im home!


This is a matter of personal preference, I like both very much, and though Star Trek deals with way more moral, ethical issues, Star wars also deals with its share of political/warfare issues. So I have to say the games tie here as it is up to the gamer to decide which universe is better.

Game Storyline.

Star Trek: This game is far more instance based then star wars, while the open space area of the game is teaming with action and quests, the quests are very linier. I did not like this at first but I found it worked well with the world of Star Trek, each storyline is called a “Season” and each season is made up of 10-20 “Episodes” these episodes are self contained and include, ground combat, space combat, diplomatic, and exploration elements as well as normally a boss fight. There is overall story that links all the episodes, but as someone who does not have lots of time to game, this system works well for me as I get a sense of accomplishment after each episode and don’t feel like I have to keep playing for hours.

Star Wars: This game has a much more epic feel to its story, your avatar is “The Hero” of the universe so to speak, the missions are not as instanced as Star Trek, and so it is way easier to become lost in the story and find yourself playing for hours on end. Both games follow the respective cannon well but star wars does it a bit better in that the story does not require you to have seen any movies or played any other star wars games. While star trek also does not require you to have been a star trek fan to enjoy the missions, the story will mean a lot more if you are one.

Space combat/Ground Combat

Star Wars: Star wars is the clear winner when it comes to ground combat, the fighting is hectic and you do feel a sense of danger from the enemies you are fighting. It also includes a lot of cool fighting moves for your avatar so the combat does not get boring. The space combat is not open world like the ground, but is instanced with a replay option.

Star Trek: Is the clear winner when it comes to space combat, the ship to ship fighting is truly exciting and feels like you are in a movie, it gives you the command of a ship and leaves you to fight by having to boost shields, change weapons and control your bridge crew to make better use of your weapons. The ground combat has been much improved over the last few years and is much more fun to play now. While some say the ground combat is boring, I say it is very close to the combat in star trek, star trek is more focused on diplomacy and ship dueling, then blade to blade or blaster to blaster. So I feel the ground combat is very appropriate to the star trek universe, and thus very enjoyable.

Game Style

Star Trek: Star Trek as said before is a mix of Open world and Instanced, the majority of the ground action and space action takes place in a walled instance, while travel is a open world map. While this may bother some Star Trek itself is like this in the show you don’t see much of the star trek worlds outside of the mission taking place, so I feel the game is very close to the way Star Trek was crafted on TV.

Star Wars: The old republic is aside from the space missions a open world game. The maps are huge and the quests are littered all over the map, this style encourages exploration of the maps and allows the player to create a role play environment.


Both games are well made and pay respect to the franchise that created them. Both are also Free to Play, so it really comes down to what the player wants from the game. Do you want to explore huge maps and discover quests along the way? Or do you want a more instanced adventure that allows for exciting and quickly concluded adventures? Hope this short review was helpful! Thanks

Well there you have it...
Well there you have it...

Which game is your favorite?


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