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We all know that Stephenie Meyer is known for her Twilight Saga, but what a lot of readers may not know is that she has written a novel that far surpasses her Twilight writing. The writing is ten times better; the character development is much stronger. Of course the intended audience for this novel is quite different, so maybe that’s why the writing is better; however, I don’t think I can believe that considering there are authors of the Teen Fiction world that have written ten times better than Stephenie Meyer ever will for that genre. I call this novel of hers the "forgotten novel".

Stephenie Meyer wrote a science fiction novel initially for non-science fiction lovers. I’m one of those non-science fiction lovers. It’s not that I don’t like the genre, it’s just not one of my favorites because a lot of the time I have a hard time following the plot of the novel or I find the material to be so slow and most of all dry, but Stephenie Meyer wrote a Science Fiction novel that caught my attention and kept my attention throughout the entire novel. She titled this novel The Host.

If I have to pick a favorite novel written by Ms. Meyer it would be The Host, solely for the way the character development was. The style of writing is definitely more mature and if she had used the same maturity of writing for Twilight, maybe it wouldn’t have felt like a train wreck of a saga. The Host displayed superb character development in not only the main characters, but the supporting characters as well. So why is this novel so forgotten?

My theory is that Stephenie continues to be so invested in her Twilight Saga, considering she just released a re-imagined version for the tenth anniversary, that The Host has been shoved aside by her. It was intended to be a trilogy, considering the end of the novel and the movie alike were left wide open for the story to continue. There are rumors that Ms. Meyer is working on the sequel of The Host, but nothing substantial has been confirmed and until then, The Host will probably remain the forgotten piece that is.


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