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Bob's Burgers to Cook Up Two More Seasons!

Good news Bob's Burgers fans!

Bob's Burgers has been renewed for TWO MORE SEASONS!


That means, unless anything horrible happens to the ratings or anything else, we will have The Belchers on our TV screens until mid-year 2018.

President of Entertainment at the Fox Broadcasting Company, David Madden, had this to say about the renewal:

“Six seasons in, the Belchers have become one of America’s most beloved TV families, and we are so happy to keep them in the fold for another two seasons. Bob's Burgers is hilarious, warm, smart, inventive – critics love it, and so do fans. Loren, Jim and the brilliant voice cast continue to surprise us in the best ways, and we look forward to seeing what Bob and the family will cook up in seasons seven and eight.”

This season will see the 2014 Emmy award winner and the 2015 award nominated show celebrate it's 100th episode.

Centering on the Belcher family, who own a hamburger restaurant and created by Loren Bouchard (Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist and Home Movies), Bob's Burgers stars the voicing talent of H. Jon Benjamin (Archer), John Roberts (Gravity Falls), Dan Mintz (Crank Yankers), Kristen Schaal (The Last Man on Earth) and Eugene Mirman (Flight of the Conchords).

Also worth a mention is that on March 22, 2016, The Bob's Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers will be released and contains 75 original, practical recipes based on the restaurants beloved specialty Burgers of the Day.

Bob's Burger's airs on Sundays on Fox.

Ages ago when I watched the first season of this show... I HATED IT... but then for some reason I started watching the fifth season on TV and fell in love with it. Thanks to Netflix, I'm now caught up and watching it weekly.

Are you as excited about this news as I am? Comment below.

(Obviously it isn't New Years but I love this video.)


Are you excited about the new season of Bob's Burgers?

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