ByApril Marshall, writer at

Not only has this given me the upper hand in a few Marvel / DC character debates, it's also given me a few costume idea's for Halloween. I would like to dress up as Mephisto, but with my height and stature, Mole Man would be more realistic.

So who is the tallest of them all? That would be Yellow Jacket, his ability to be whatever height he wishes reigns supreme. Along with Dr Doom and his Doom it seems! I’m nice and cosy right in between Mole Man and Modok, not to mention on awkward eye level with Juggernaut... On that note :D this awesome infographic was made by Costume Collection and you can read their "Marvel Villains Height Comparison" article here.

If you like the look of this, check out "DC Heroes Height Chart, Whose height do you match?"


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