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Ever since the early 90's, Nickelodeon's Nicktoons have been loved from kid generation to kid generation. There are dozens of reasons to get caught up in the fad: the relatable characters, the unique yet familiar storylines, the over all concepts, etc. One element that I find the most compelling is the creative use of songs within the shows. Whether they are original pieces or parodies of old favorites, the musical aspect of certain shows or episodes are often times the things we remember the most years down the line. Even hearing someone inadvertently say a lyric in everyday conversations can cause those classic rhythms to pop back into our minds. Which leads me to the quiz's objective:

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to fill in the blank with the correct lyric from the choices given.

To keep things fair/to help you out, I have provided the show which the song originates, the episode where it first made an appearance, and the title and performer of the song within the show (not the voice actor/composer). I recommend you to not use any cheats (google, youtube, wikias, etc.) to keep the quiz slightly more challenging. Without anymore delay:


1) Show: Fairly Oddparents; Episode: "Boys in the Band"; Song: "My Shiny Teeth and Me" performed by Chip Skylark


My shiny teeth that twinkle; Just like the stars in space; My Shiny teeth that sparkle; ______________!

2) Show: SpongeBob Squarepants; Episode: "Ripped Pants"; Song: "Ripped Pants" performed by SpongeBob


When Big Larry came 'round just to put him down; SpongeBob turned him to a clown; _______________; With a fool who went and - ripped his pants

3) Show: Angry Beavers; Episode: "Beaver Fever"; Song: "Beaver Fever" performed by The Beavers


In the day he bites down trees; Chews away the bark; But it really starts to work it; ________________

4) Show: Doug; Episode: "Doug Rocks"; Song: "Killer Tofu" performed by The Beets


Fast food feels fuzzy; 'Cuz it's made from stuff that's scuzzy; I always thought I was such a nerd; I refuse ____________

5) Show: Hey Arnold; Episode: "Mr. Hyunh Goes Country"; Song: "Simple Things" performed by Mr. Hyunh


I've got the simple things; I've got the rain in spring; Got spicy chicken wings; __________________

6) Show: Rocko's Modern Life; Episode "Zanzibar!"; Song: "Recycle Song" performed by Captain Compost Heap


R-E-C-Y-C-L-E recycle; C-O-N-S-E-R-V-E conserve; Don't you P-O-L-L-U-T-E pollute the river, sky or sea; _______________________________

7) Show: Ren and Stimpy; Episode: "Stimpy's Big Day"; Song: "Log Commercial Jingle" by Blammo! (performer undetermined)


What rolls down stairs; Alone or in pairs; Rolls over you neighbor's dog? What's great for a snack and ___________________? It's log, log, log!

8) Show: Rugrats; Episode: "Rugrats Vacation"; Song: "Vacation (All I Ever Wanted)" performed by Angelica Pickles


My days were such a chore to get through; Back there at home with nothing to do; Now that I'm away, ________________; I'm gonna stay out 'til they come and get me

9) Show: CatDog; Episode: "Pilot Episode"; Song: "CatDog Theme Song" performed by Peter Hannan (CatDog producer)


One fine day with a woof and a purr; A baby was born __________________; No blue buzzard, no three-eyed frog; Just a feline canine little CatDog

10) Show: Hey Arnold; Episode: "What's Opera, Arnold?"; Song: "Rise of BrunHelga" performed by Helga Pataki


Ruth is a light weight - a ________________; I need to thrash her - that's what I said; Ruth is a lose, how could you choose her; How could you do that, FOOTBALL HEAD?!?!

11) Show: Fairly Oddparents; Episode: "Boys in the Band"; Song: "Icky Vicky" performed by Chip Skylark


A girl who's just plain mean; A sour-sweet sixteen; She's a ____________________ in a pair of black jeans

12) Show: Rocket Power; Episode: Pilot Episode; Song: "Rocket Power Theme Song" performed by The Wipeouters


We are riders on a mission; action kids ____________; Rocket Power!

13) Show: Hey Arnold; Episode: "Pre-Teen Scream"; Song: "I Saw Your Face and WOW!" performed by Ronnie Matthews


I saw your face and - WOW; Right then I took a vow; That we'd be together, girl, _______________; That's the meaning of eternity

14) Show: As Told By Ginger; Episode: "Ginger the Juvie"; Song: "I'm In Between (As Told By Ginger Theme Song)" performed by Macy Gray


Someone once told me 'the grass is much greener on the other side'; Well I paid a visit, well it's possible I missed it; ________________________________

15) Show: Doug; Episode: "Doug's Hot Ticket"; Song: "Shout Your Lungs Out" performed by The Beets


You gotta roll your windows down; You gotta rock you socks; You gotta roll your soul; ____________________; You gotta lose control


Hope you had fun! If you enjoyed yourself, feel free to comment below and/or share with your friends to see how you stack up!


How many did you get right?

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