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With Season 2 of The Flash underway, fans are already speculating on what this year will have in store for us. Fortunately, the premiere gave away a lot of information, including the involvement of the alternate Flash: Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears.)

In an exclusive interview with reporters at the CW, Teddy Sears discussed his role as Jay Garrick, including his feelings regarding the costume, the iconic helmet, Garrick's relationship with Barry, and his opinion on the character as a whole.

Have a read through what was discussed and remember to let us know what you think.

1. What is it like taking on the first time we've seen Jay Garrick in a live-action show?

"It's thrilling, but I didn't anticipate how thrilling it was going to be when I said yes... It's weird and hokey and maybe very actor-y, but there was something very important that began happening, especially and most specifically, putting on that helmet.
There's a scene where I'm reunited with the helmet for the first time and I remember shooting it. There was a real awe and reverence for seeing this thing, and that was absolutely not acted at all."

It's possible that Sears could truly bring an emphatic passion to the role of Jay Garrick which will fit well with the atmosphere of the show.

Sears's passion should work well alongside that of Barry Allen actor Grant Gustin -- a proven superhero fan who has brought a true sense of reality to the show.

Only time will tell how well Teddy Sears's Jay Garrick will acclimate to the already established dynamic on the show, but there's certainly room for a shake-up now that Wells, Ronnie, and Henry Allen have left.

2. Your costume has a retro quality that really plays well on screen while still looking modern and cool. Tell me the experience of making it work.

"That was really fun... when you look at the 1940s, when he was introduced, I feel like you see -- was it an old football jersey that he puts on? -- [it was] very red and very yellow going up. I wasn't sure how they were going to handle it.
So they have successfully modernized it with this really sort of cool, almost motorcycle jacket sort of aesthetic... The helmet sort of caps the whole thing off... If you look at the helmet, and we'll certainly have enough opportunities to, it's been around. It's beaten up. It's got the dings. It's got a wonderful patina to it. It's seen its share of battles.
So the detail that the team put into those little things, to make it, I guess to have it arrive with a story and a history and a past, that's really what made it work for me. And as far as me making it work, they just took my measurements, man! And it just fit."

It seems Sears is really taken by Jay Garrick; you can feel the passion in his words as he talks about the helmet, and it's interesting that they have really considered the helmet -- which isn't shiny and new. We're dealing with a real Flash from a real alternate world.

3. You've played a lot of lawyers, doctors, guys who wear three-piece suits. What's it like moving headlong into being an action hero?

"It's very exciting, just in that it's a character that is no longer in the courtroom or wearing a lab coat or something. It's been a nice sort of progression.
How does it feel? I don't know. It feels wonderful. It feels like such a tremendous honor to try to try to fill this guy out and give him a real third dimension... I think is maybe a little bit different than playing the foil in a three-piece suit on a law show or something, someone who can tend to be two dimensional.
I think that the goal is to make this guy a 100% human being who has a past, who has a history and conflicting feelings and all sort of the things that make humans so wonderful to watch and so complex to watch.
But yeah, that's an interesting point. It is another sort of get-up off a different nature, but this one means a whole lot more this time, to me.

Playing a live-action superhero is a hell of a leap from playing characters such as Dr. Austin Langham in Masters of Sex, or Detective Hayden Cooper in 666 Park Avenue, but it seems Sears is ready for the challenge.

You have to appreciate the respect he seems to have for the character; hopefully that will reflect in his performance when we see him in action.

4. Last season, Barry was juggling three father figures. Is Jay going to step into that role, too?

"I like the older brother analogy, versus father. That is a very different dynamic. There's certainly going to be some overlap but there's some things that you only talk to another sibling about that you wouldn't maybe feel comfortable talking to a dad about.
And I really like Grant as a person. It's hard not to like Grant but for Jay and Barry, that translates. There's a real desire to be around him which is also fun to play with."

So rather than replacing Wells, Ronnie, or Henry, Jay Garrick will fulfill an entirely different role in the show -- that of the older brother figure to Barry.

This isn't something we've seen before in the series, and should make for an interesting dynamic as Barry, who is already an established superhero, is taken under the wing of a more experienced Flash.

Let us know what you think about Sears's involvement in the show. Watch Teddy Sears in The Flash here!



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