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Benjamin Martinez
Its way Better than the 1966 Batman film and quite a joke that film is even put above it. It was campy but it was also very dark much darker than most of the Batman films. I believe its right below The Dark Knight trilogy but above Tim Burtons Batman and on par with Returns. It wasnt the actors who ruined the movie, it was Joel Schumachers direction and the studios incompetent power to make it more child friendly but they didntt go full extent with that till Batman And Robin but Batman Forever was still able to bring a dark tone throughout. Tommy Lee Jones was what ruined the film for me. He was way too overtop but it wasnt his fault nor was it Jim Carrey's but atleast his portrayal was entertaining. Val Kilmer on the other hand wasnt that memorable as a Batman but i feel he was the best Bruce Wayne under only Christian Bale. Michael overall is better but Val Kilmers Bruce Wayne is spot on and he handled the characters farker moments very well id say the best of any actor whos tried in the past. Also Nicole Kidman gave the best performance as a love interest for Bruce Wayne/Batman than anyone else has. Kim Basinger is forgettable, Katie Holmes is terrible and Maggie Gylenhaal didn't have enough spark but Kidman for me was excellent and intellectually and psychically stimulated Bruce the way he should be. As for Chris O'Donell he was a brilliantly cast Robin and the only reason hes hated on so much is because of who hes playing not him or his portrayal and thats not fair because he is Robin. When i was a kid i thought he was so cool i wanted to be Robin over Batman. I dontt anymore but thatss how good Chris was. Even Batman And Robin he was the best part about it. The only problem is, the rest of the film was terrible but Batman Forever was not.

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