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Yesterday, an image of Vin Diesel letting it all hang out on a well-earned vacation was met with a wave of disgraceful body shaming from certain gossip sites, but the Fast & Furious star has chosen to be the bigger person about the whole thing.

Although Vin can't have felt great about himself when he woke up and was greeted by a barrage of headlines like the ones below, the 48-year-old star managed to keep a positive attitude.

Titles bashing Vin Diesel
Titles bashing Vin Diesel

Instead of focusing on the negative articles calling him names and picking on his weight, Vin instead gave his public attention to an article expressing dismay about the body shaming the popular celeb was experiencing: love...

Posted by Vin Diesel on Wednesday, 7 October 2015

While he might always play the tough guy, in real life Vin Diesel seems committed to the 'turn the other cheek' approach as opposed to letting the haters get him down.

He might be slightly bigger, but there's no denying Vin is also the bigger person!

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