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These days, action movies tend to follow the same trajectory over and over, comprised of crazy car chase sequences, exploding vehicles and jaw-dropping collisions. That's why it's sometimes refreshing to pause and take a step back, because at the end of the day, in reality, the rules of the road would probably prevent all that from happening.

And even though actor Keanu Reeves in no stranger to starring in the odd action sequence (John Wick was awesome!), he's taken the time to parody some of the fast chase cliches often attributed to blockbusters such as those part of the Furious franchise. A good example is this epic tank scene in Fast & Furious 6:

Obviously, a ridiculous chase scene like this would never occur in real-life, either because nobody would have the guts to pull it off, and because it would probably get shut down by swarms of SWAT teams in seconds. A fact, that ultimate hero Keanu Reeves knows full well.

So, instead the actor decided to create his own, more realistic take on a thrilling car chase movie when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other day. Check out this quick breakdown of A Reasonable Speed below -- the mad action in this sequence is sure to get your heart racing!

1. Mr. Kimmel prepares to make his grand getaway

He's willing to risk it all for this briefcase full of cash and his floppy asymmetrical haircut.

2. Seatbelts are an important part of road safety

Don't forget it!

3. "It's a low speed chase on Hawthorne Avenue"

And we would expect no less from a movie produced by the California Highway Patrol.

4. Keanu is such a cautious driver that this skateboarder even overtakes him

The momentum builds, the music heightens. Which of these two Hollywood greats will win the race?

5. "Slow down. 20 is plenty!"

That speed bump really throws them both off-guard!

And that's not the end of it - what happens at the very end of the clip is bound to knock your socks off.

Here's the full version of A Reasonable Speed. Enjoy!



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