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So, let’s start off by saying that season 4 of Arrow after just one episode is already better than most of season 3 was as a whole. It is good to see that the writers of the show took seriously the complaints of the fans and worked hard to change what was missing from the show last spring. So let’s get into Arrow’s first episode of the new season.

I wonder who is getting the shaft here?
I wonder who is getting the shaft here?

The Show

This season of Arrow is basically a soft reboot while still adhering to canon. Much of the show is different than the previous seasons. The writing is lighter and has more jokes, the tone is less dark and brooding and more hopeful. Also, the show has addressed the darkness that consumed Oliver Queen (Stephan Amell) and has proceeded to have him announce the death of the “Arrow” and the birth of “Green Arrow,” a hero who will fight for light, justice and freedom. Now if we could only get the goatee…

The Supernatural

Granted, this started last year but has come into full fruition with this season. Arrow was always been a show that felt like it could be happening in some city far away; it was gritty, grounded and based in reality, much like Nolan’s Batman. Season 3 only teased much of the supernatural aspect of the show when Oliver fell to his “Death” then recovered with the help of antibiotics and bed rest. Even the Lazarus pit was left to the viewers imagination as the show went to great lengths to say that Thea Queen (Willa Holland) was dying, and never really said if she was dead when she went into its waters. This season has embraced the supernatural full throttle, we have Damien Dahrk (Neal McDonough) stopping Arrows with force-like power, fighting with super human strength and sucking the life out of people just by touching them. It’s safe to say that Arrow has entered the world of the comic books and its less grounded rules. It’s going to be a weird and fun ride this season…

Team Arrow

Several big things have changed this season in regards to team Arrows roster. Thea has joined on as “Red Arrow” and is wearing Roys suit, Diggle (David Ramsey) has also taken to wearing a disguise which consists of leather armor and an atrocious helmet (seriously the thing does not even cover his chin, someone call Cisco stat!) The biggest change has come from Oliver’s new suit which was designed by S.T.A.R Labs, its sleeker, cooler and more combat effective then the old suit. Also, it looks very much like its comic book predecessor. Thea’s role on the team is going to be very interesting as she is beginning to show signs of the darkness that embodies people that come back from the Lazarus pit (She almost beats a perp to death). It will be very interesting to see where the writers take this, hopefully it will be fleshed out and not resolved to quickly.

Smile I only ALMOST beat that guy to death
Smile I only ALMOST beat that guy to death

H.I.V.E & Damian Dahrk

The most fascinating part of this premier episode was the revealing of the seasons big bad, Damian Dahrk, a former rival to Ras Al Gual. Dahrk fled the league and created an “Evil League,” code named H.I.V.E . Almost nothing is known about this incarnation of Dahrk except that he has super human strength, can stop projectiles with levitation and can kill people by touching them. Oliver states in the episode that Dahrk’s power is mystical and that he is not a metahuman. One of the final scenes has Dahrk opening a cabinet that has an alter with the image of a demon. After giving it his blood he is seen receiving power from it. The demon in question is most likely “Etrigan” a character that has history with Green Arrow; he also has the power of super strength and injury protection. Most likely the demon will be restricted to the likes of what Brother Blood worshiped in season 2.


While this episode had its flaws (mostly the same as previous seasons) it was a very solid episode that successfully introduced the main heroes and villains, while also hinting at the larger story to come. I for one enjoyed the campier and less gritty nature and found the jokes to be funny. It was a relief after the serious and grim Ras to have a villain like Dahrk who quipped and joked as he was fighting.

Over all I give this episode a solid 5/5

It was good enough to warrant a few dance moves
It was good enough to warrant a few dance moves

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