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When The Walking Dead first aired in 2010, the show shocked viewers from the very first scene when a grown man shot a little girl right in the forehead. Of course, as it turns out, the little girl (whose name was Summer), was actually a zombie and, despite clutching a teddy bear and wearing adorable bunny slippers, she was on the hunt for human flesh.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Since that opening scene, the show has clocked up an impressive seven (almost eight) seasons, and killed off at least two more zombified little girls (Sophia and Penny). But whatever happened to Summer, the little bunny slippered walker girl? To celebrate the premiere of Season 8 of The Walking Dead — which is set to pay homage to the series' premiere — let's take a look at what Addy Miller, who played Summer, is up to now. Spoilers: She's not so little (or so dead looking) any more!

Miller is now 17-years-old and, despite not being on The Walking Dead, still has close ties to the show, often going along to various conventions. Aside from The Walking Dead, you may recognize the young star from films such as Dark Places, starring alongside Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult, or the 2015 horror film June (yep, Addy is a huge horror fan).

Speaking to the Huffington Post back in 2015 about her time on the show, Miller had nothing but great things to say about the experience, calling it "the time of her life." In a rather macabre statement from the then-15-year-old girl, she described getting shot by Andrew Lincoln as "great," and mentions how much fun it was filming the dramatic action shot of her body flying back from bullet, saying:

"When I was actually getting shot, I had to jump backwards off a ladder to get that one shot. It was fun for me. I didn’t know the risk of that, of course. I’m just like, 'Oh well, that's fun!'"

Looking back on her small, but iconic role, she noted that she only wished she knew as a 10-year-old what a sensation the show would become so she could get to know the cast and crew better.

But what did she think about the gnarly special effects makeup that transformed Addy into Summer? She told the Huffington Post:

"People thought it was gross on the show. Well, imagine seeing that in person. Like, all the detail. It was disgusting to look at. I would get nauseous when I looked at it in the mirror. I could barely recognize myself. It was insane."

I think we can all agree it was pretty gross!

Addy as she was transformed into Summer [Credit: AMC]
Addy as she was transformed into Summer [Credit: AMC]

Miller even talked about one of the more controversial aspects of her character — when she bent down to pick up the teddy bear off the ground. This movement was a little contentious because walkers in the show are not supposed to have any memory of their human existence, including what a teddy bear is or what it would mean to a little girl. Addy explained why she thought Summer did it:

"At the time when everything happened, I didn’t think much of it, but now that I look more, I think it was more of an instinct. It was part of that human character she used to have, like Morgan's wife during the episode where she was trying to turn the door knob. I think it was more of an instinct with her."

Several walkers made human movements like this in the first season (Morgan's wife with the doorknob, and the department store walker with the rock on the glass doors), though it has been stamped out for every season since.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

But aside from that one little piece of controversy, Addy says that she thinks having a little girl who is walker is "more dramatic or heart-wrenching or creepier," than adult walkers, or even little boy walkers. She added that she even finds little girls who have dressed up as walkers at conventions particularly spooky.

And of course, with Halloween coming up, many of you may be wondering: Did Addy ever dress up as her character for the holiday? Why, yes, she did! However she didn't receive quite as much attention while trick-or-treating as she does at conventions, saying:

"I don’t think anyone recognized me. They may have just thought, 'Oh, there’s a girl in that costume. She’s killin’ it tho.'"

Damn straight! Killin' it as much as you can, having already been killed, that is.

Which Walking Dead walker do you think is the show's most iconic?

Source: Huffington Post


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