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This year marks the ten year anniversary since the release of the international bestseller that took the world by storm, Twilight. Today, it's hard to imagine a world in which Edward and Bella's love story isn't a pillar in the young adult sections of book stores.

To honor all that's happened in the last decade, Stephenie Meyer decided to take this opportunity to amend the "damsel in distress" trope that Bella seems to fall into, which is something that has always bugged her. By swapping the genders for every character (save from Charlie and Renée), Meyer hopes that Life and Death will break gender stereotypes.

The characters have swapped genders, and with new genders come new names. Bella is now Beau, Edward is Edythe, and Jacob is Julie.

The standalone novel is described as "Twilight reimagined," but while this new version of Twilight should give us more answers and character insights, Life and Death is just leaving me with more questions.

To be fair, I still haven't read the book, so some of you might have answers for me. But here are a few questions that come to mind when thinking about Life and Death:

- Do they go into detail about what it was like for Edythe being a teenage girl in the early 1900s? Probably not ideal times for her.

- Is that name pronounced like "Edith?"

- Does Edythe save Beau from a group of vulgar women harassing him?

- Could Beau impregnate Edythe's vampire womb?

- How will Beau become a vampire if he's not dying from birthing a half-vampire baby?

- Could Beau get pregnant with the baby?

- So would Renesmee be a boy?

- Are the Volturi led by some ancient badass chicks now? If so, that's pretty cool.

- Is Julie's entire male wolf brotherhood now a wolf sisterhood?

- Will the sisterhood wolf pack run around topless?

- What does this mean for Twilight's unreleased companion novel Midnight Sun?!

Again, if anyone happens to know the answers for any of these questions, I'm genuinely curious and would like to be informed.

Also, if there's anyone who has read the book, what were your thoughts? Was it a good addition to the Twilight series, or just another money grab from Meyers and the publishers? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

Stephenie Meyer's Life and Death is available now for purchase.

What do you think of the new gender-bent Twilight novel?
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