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Jennifer Aniston not only has incredibly glossy hair and a very gorgeous toned, tanned body. She's intelligent, she's talented, and apparently amazingly kind and entertaining during interviews.

Remember a year ago when Jennifer helped Scott Mills play a prank on Chris Stark of BBC Radio by playing the worst interviewee ever?

Stark begins to tear up from how stressed out he felt over the train wreck of an interview. Look how genuinely guilty Jennifer feels over the prank! She even gives him a hug at the end.

Or what about that time when Jennifer Aniston played penis Pictionary?

Look at her get into the game and truly dominating. She's got some mad game.

We can't forget when Jennifer made up the word "cuddlable" during a Marley & Me interview.

I love just how giggly and warm this lady is! She just radiates such positive energy. Plus, she speaks so kindly about her coworker, Owen Wilson.

Lastly, I bet you caught the 60 Seconds interview in which Jen asked the hilarious Paul Rudd questions relating to their film Wanderlust.

As you can definitely tell, Jen Aniston is a wonderful human being who just looks like oodles of fun to be around, even while being interviewed.

So imagine our shock when we discovered that Jennifer Aniston was so taken aback during an interview, she felt she had to physically walk out of the room because she was so infuriated.

25-year-old comedian Joel Creasey interviewed Jennifer Aniston and perhaps divulged too much information regarding a highly inappropriate action he did to pal Christoph Waltz.

Joel Creasey
Joel Creasey

"I was interviewing the cast of Horrible Bosses 2 in LA for The Project and I had gotten food poisoning the night before from dining at Lisa Vanderpump’s [one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] restaurant.

Before I went in for the interviews I had to throw up and there were no toilets available so I had to throw up into my handkerchief. There was no bin either so I had to put it in my pocket which was disgusting.

Anyway, one of Jennifer Aniston’s cast mates, whose name perhaps starts with Christoph and ends in Waltz, was quite rude to me, like, QUITE rude to me. So after my interview, I saw his luggage sitting outside the room and I figured that was a good place to dispose of my handkerchief full of vomit."

Not a good move, sir.

"She was truly one of the nicest people I’ve ever interviewed, I was so impressed,” said Creasey. She was saying how she’d like to come to one of my stand-up shows and we were on the verge of exchanging numbers and I was telling her how she’s going to be my new bestie."
For some reason I got the vibe that she might not like Christoph Waltz either, which was clearly incorrect, so I stupidly told her about the handkerchief full of vomit and she said to me, ‘That’s one of the most revolting things I’ve ever heard.’ And then she stormed out of the room.”

While Jen might be cooler than a lot of people out there, she still has a limit. And that limit involves putting puke into a fellow actor's luggage.

Creasey ended by saying:

"I kick myself every day. I could be Jennifer Aniston’s best friend, meanwhile I’ve had to settle for Chrissie Swan."


Yikes! That's harsh!

I suppose it's a good thing to see Jennifer Aniston take a stand against people being rude to her friends. Poor Creasey, on the other hand, could have been friends with a Friends star. That really is a huge loss.

[Source: Moviepilot]


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