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(Warning - the following could contain some sort of SPOILER for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, depending on just how much Neil deGrasse Tyson knows. Which, seeing as he's really, really, ridiculously super-smart, it's probably best not to underestimate...)

Now, as age-old debates go, there aren't too many with more cultural currency than the question of who'd win in a fight between Batman and Superman. Sure, your average grandparent on the street might not have a preference between DC and Marvel, or mind overmuch if you said Three's Company was a better sitcom than M*A*S*H, but ask them who'd win in a fight between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, and you can bet they'll have some kind of opinion.

For many fans, though, the whole debate seems pretty darned open and shut -- after all, how could the very human Batman hope to beat the ludicrously over-powered Superman? Well, as it turns out, all he'd have to do is ask a certain famed real-life scientist. Y'see:

Neil deGrasse Tyson Thinks He Knows Exactly How Batman Can Beat Superman

Honestly, what DOESN'T he know?
Honestly, what DOESN'T he know?

Though it might not be in quite the way you'd think...

The reason? According to Tyson, when asked about the potential conflict during a recent interview with TechInsider, it simply couldn't be a fair fight:

"I don't think anyone who would put Superman and Batman in a cage match, would possibly think Batman has a chance."

After all, as Tyson reminds us:

"Batman is human, and Superman is Superman. They both have capes, but Batman can't fly, and Superman flies. Superman would wipe his butt with Batman, that's basically what would happen there."
And then he'd make him into a glove puppet...
And then he'd make him into a glove puppet...

Instead, then, if the Dark Knight is to come out on top, he'd have to change the terms of the fight. Rather than stockpiling Kryptonite by the metric ton, though, Tyson suggests a different sort of power-struggle -- one that might be a whole lot better suited to Batman's skill set:

"If Batman is ever to defeat Superman, it's not in a cage match, it's going to have to be some other way - the court of public opinion, perhaps. Forces that are not how big are your muscles or how fast can you run or how high can you fly, but who do you want working for you? That's a different issue. That's a more subtle issue."

Or, in other words? He's going to have to go House of Cards on Superman's muscular Kryptonian ass.

"Democracy is so overrated."
"Democracy is so overrated."

Indeed, Tyson even hints that Batman's best move would be to re-position Superman (in the eyes of the people) as being the bad-guy...

"All these superheroes, many of them, at one point or another, were viewed in their societies in which they were functioning as enemies of justice."

Before going on to imply that we could well be set to see exactly that sort of battle play out in the forthcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:

"It'll be an interesting story-line to see how it plays out, of who wins the battle of public sentiment, not the battle of the cage match, between Batman and Superman."

All of which seems to demonstrate something incredibly important...

There Might Not Actually Be Anything Neil deGrasse Tyson Doesn't Know


Or, at least, if there is, it sure would be fun to find out...

What do you reckon, though?

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