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According to, 2017's [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2](tag:1081113) will feature an alien race that has existed but has remained anonymous to most Marvel Comics fans who haven't read the comics from the '60s.

This alien race is known as the Sneepers. Who are they, you ask?

Well, here's a picture of them:

According the Marvel Wiki, this strange alien race made its first appearance in Tales of Suspense #49 (January 1964). They hail from the planet Sneep of the Snuup star system. They have 4 limbs and five fingers and toes. They are said to be one of many sophisticated races of the Marvel Universe. And as with many alien races, they fear us because they fear our advancements in technology might turn on them. So they want to strike first.

Aliens.What are you going to do? We're just not that smart to them.

Now here's the reason they were banned. According to CinemaBlend, the word "Sneepers" has a very mature translation in Icelandic, and Marvel's legal department did what they had to do to keep people in Iceland from learning that an alien race in the Marvel Universe had a name that translated to something else in their language.

Even the legal department is an avid reader of the books. Imagine that.

We'll see what the legal department has to say to James Gunn 'bout this.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is set to make the big screens May 5, 2017. Until then....


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