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There are many sub-genres that branch out from the horror genre and it's clear after a while that some are scarier than others. Ever wondered what makes some genres more frightening than your typical horror fare? Maybe it's because some sub-genres hit closer to home than others.

Haunted Houses

The haunted house sub-genre is terrifying because there's nothing worse than having something you can't see invade one of the most precious things in your life: your house. The spirits, ghosts or demons involved in a haunted house movie don't tend to be the friendliest of beings. An encounter with them can often lead to the main character losing their mind, or worst, their life. If you can see the thing haunting your home, that might be even worst. What could be more traumatizing than having something terrorize the place that many of us consider our sanctuary and means of escape from the craziness of day-to-day life?

Best Haunted House Films: The Shining, The Others, 1408


OK, so there is one thing scarier than something invading your house: it's something invading your body! It's no coincidence that The Exorcist is considered one of the scariest movies of all time and it falls in to the possession sub-genre. Most human beings enjoy having control over their bodies in order to be responsible for their everyday lives. Possession films give us a glimpse in to what would happen if something or someone took total control of our bodies and left us powerless in our own lives. No matter how much horror you can handle, the possession sub-genre is always cringe worthy.

Best possession movies: The Exorcist, The Conjuring, Insidious


Everyone hates the common cold or worst, the flu. Why is something that effects millions of people a year so scary? Because most viruses, like the flu, have no cure. If you don't recover from it know the rest. Also, viruses are how all zombie apocalypses seem to start so the virus genre transcends even its own scary sub-genre. I don't know about you but the realistic nature of the movie Contagion certainly made me reconsider just how serious the common flu virus can be.

Best Virus Films: Contagion, Outbreak, 28 Days Later

Home Invasion

Yes, we're back to houses , but with good reason. Home invasions happen across the world everyday which is what makes this horror sub-genres so scary. Whether the the home invasion movie is depicting a simple robbery or a long and drawn out torture session, there is nothing worst than having someone threaten your life in your very own home. Your home is where you're supposed to feel your safest, not be terrorized by nut jobs. Home invasion films are often considered more of an underground horror sub-genre because they are particularly so hard to watch.

Best Home Invasion Movies: Funny Games, The Strangers, You're Next

Torture Porn

The torture porn genre is loved by a select group of horror fans and it's not hard to see why. It takes a lot to sit through an entire film and watch someone systematically get torn apart physically. Just seeing someone tied to a chair and screaming for mercy for a few minutes is enough to make this sub-genre beyond terrifying. When you think about it, people are tortured all over the world daily. Whether it's for political reasons or just so someone can get their jollys torture is a reality of real life.. There are serial killers who have graphically recounted how they enjoyed torturing their victims before killing them. So the thought you could be the victim of a private torture session at anytime makes these films much more frightening.

Best torture porn movies: Hostel, Saw, Martyrs


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