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With the release of the [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) beta today, I realised that Star Wars is not a generational thing. It is not a franchise that will remain forever known for being around in the 70's/80's. By the looks of it, there will be movies spanning from now to forever. A fictional galaxy that has infinite stories to be told (as demonstrated by the countless novels, fan-fiction and games) can be picked up at any point by any directors and be brought to life. In saying this though, the movies aren't always assured to be good.

In just over 2 months, millions of fans will be flocking to the theaters to watch Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, the sequel to Return of the Jedi and the first movie in a new trilogy being produced by Disney. Here lies the issue. These millions of fans will be flocking. But so many of these fans have been mocking as well. But they are still seeing it? But it's not just to mock it and rip it apart. There is that part of them that loves the galaxy so much that compels them to see it as soon as possible. Whether or not they like it is not the issue. It is the reason that they will go and watch it.

1. You're a Fan

You will challenge anybody who disputes Star Wars.
You will challenge anybody who disputes Star Wars.

You're that person that has followed the franchise from the moment you saw it in theaters, television screen or books. You are a loyal follower who enjoys all the movies for Star Wars movies. You stay active in following all the latest news and making sure that you have all the knowledge you need to make sure that the Jedi order can stay peaceful.

You will watch this movie. Because you just simply have to. You're not a die-hard, 'oh my gosh' fan; but because 'hey look. It's a new Star Wars movie. I grew up with it and I still enjoy it. I am definitely going to watch it!!"

I would classify myself as one of these fans. Watched the original movies when I was rather young and then as I grew older I was allowed to watch the prequel trilogy. I loved them all. I didn't take them as movies as such. I understood them and enjoyed them as Star Wars movies. But in today's society it is difficult to enjoy a movie that is so far-fetched and out there, and doesn't look as good as Interstellar. But we are the ones that love the movies for the movies. I collected the LEGO, comics, books and loved the Clone Wars series/movie.

2. It's a Sequel

It's just an addition to the family.
It's just an addition to the family.

You will simply go because it is a sequel to that movie you watched back in the day. You enjoyed the adventures of Luke Skywalker and co. and so you will go and see the next installment.

A.K.A Just like all of us who went and watched Transformers: Age of Extinction.....(sigh)

3. You want to critique it and rip it apart

AKA, you were asked to go and so you want to see how bad it is. That is your only motive. I won't be surprised if you walk out enjoying it. Now, if I was asked when early development started, I may have fallen into this group. (Yes, I am ashamed of myself.)

4. Family Outing.

You won't argue with logic.
You won't argue with logic.

Your little brother/sister is going to watch it and so you go too because either your mother wants you to be a part of the family or you genuinely want to see it but you wouldn't have gone on your own motivation.


It's one heck of a universe.
It's one heck of a universe.

It is a legitimate reason for a majority of people. Yes you have seen all the movies and (maybe) some of the Clone Wars series, and you liked them all. And so you will go again. But that is not all, because that is very similar to option 1. You recognize that Star Wars is probably the most widely recognized franchise on the planet. Children fighting with sticks have more than likely seen Star Wars. George Lucas has created a galaxy, far, far away, which has superseded ours. I don't know if I was the only one, but which young padawan doesn't believe that he will be able to make a real lightsaber when he graduates high school and gets that engineering degree. My best friend and I would pour over the Visual Guide to Star Wars and taught ourselves individual lightsaber forms. And would then battle for hours. We then recorded and even once edited a video into a real lightsaber. See my spinning 'skills' here. (We never did it again after, due to it taking a long time out of our young lives). But 7 years later, we still discuss The Old Republic's cinematic trailers, which was something we recreated, and new content for that game.

Star Wars has changed the lives of millions. Who doesn't know what a lightsaber is? Even if you haven't seen the movies, you know what the franchise it. There's no reason per se', you just do. And that is why you will more than likely have someone close to you, or you yourself, go and watch Star Wars The Force Awakens in December.

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