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This article is a week late, the next episode comes out tonight, my apologizes. It's here and hallelujah, praise the lord! I was a little worried about Arrow Season 4 because, let's face it fellow Arrow fans, Season 3 was not all that great. Now, after this episode, I am extremely happy with it and this season will go in great directions.

It's safe to say that this season premiere was better than The Flash Season 2 premiere. Faith is restored in Arrow and I am super excited with everything we saw, so let's talk about it!

Olicity getting their Priorities Straight

That beginning scene with Oliver running through the bush was pretty cool. There was no crying from Felicity this episode, so I'm feeling good about this. Oliver and Felicity want to live a normal life, especially Oliver. They really did a good job with Felicity's character development because we know that she wants to live a normal life and she loves Oliver, but she doesn't necessarily want to ditch S.T.A.R. City, she wants to help. We find out that for the five months they were away in Coast City, Felicity was helping Team Arrow behind the scenes.

Another thing we find out is that Oliver is trying to propose to Felicity, but the whole dilemma with Team Arrow is distracting him. We'll get back to this. Anyways, we see Diggle, Laurel, and Thea fighting to try and save S.T.A.R. City, which we see has gone to complete shit. This is why Oliver and Felicity come back and help. Thea and Laurel want them back but Diggle is mad and he does not want Oliver back after last season, when Oliver kidnapped his wife and put her in danger. Even Lyla forgives Oliver and she's snapping Diggle back into place.

Damien Darhk

If you guys read my article: "Codename Felicity... What to expect from Arrow Season 4?", you guys know that I was not looking forward to Damien Darhk. I did say that I would probably be wrong, though. That is what I was right about because Damien Darhk is a damn good villain, at least so far in this episode. The introduction of him was great as he gave his speech about letting the city die. The best type of villains are the ones who think what they are doing is morally right. He then kills all leadership, which was great.

So, Damien Darhk is just a smart-kind of villain? Absolutely not. He has magic and the scene where he kills that soldier with his magical powers was awesome! He gets his magic from a mystical, ancient object. This item will probably end up having to be smashed to remove his powers, which also makes him very strong. This magical item probably has something to do with the League of Assassins because in the comics, he was supposed to be the holder of Ra's position but was beaten. Usually you are killed if you fail, but he escaped. Since Darhk is already a threat, because usually the main villain becomes a threat later on in the season, I think that Damien Darhk is NOT the main villain of Arrow Season 4!

Who will be the main threat in Arrow Season 4?

It is hard to say, really. There will probably be an unexpected twist. Also, Damien could be the main villain for an arc or even up to the mid-season finale. We will see Malcolm Merlyn again, and I can put my money on Deathstroke too. As the main villain, it can be something crazy, and I'm not sure what to expect. When the season progresses and I am more confident that this is true, I will probably write a separate article on this.

Captain Lance is Working for Damien Darhk

Face it guys, Quentin's character arc was really bad in Season 3. This makes his character far more interesting. We find out that Darhk is forcing Lance to work for him or else he dies or something like that. This could make for a lot of great moments, especially when Team Arrow finds out.

The Flashbacks

I really didn't enjoy the flashbacks last season. Oliver is supposed to be on the island for five years, but I guess he forgets to mention how he wasn't. He had the chance to go home but he's afraid he's a monster. In this episode where he was on that plane and Oliver looks down and you see Lian Yu, I screamed of joy. We're finally going back to the island and this is something I'd love to see. CW, give it to us!

"I am, the Green Arrow!"

I was not expecting him to say this so this got me very excited. He's now offically the Green Arrow, the symbol of hope. He no longer strikes fear into the hearts of S.T.A.R. City and is now a hero, a real one. This is going to change the whole show in general, such as the tone. This episode was a little lighter in tone than usual. I think Thea was a real comic relief, at least in the beginning. Now, she will feel the effects of the Lazarus Pit. The new suit is pretty cool too. We'll also see some pretty cool tech, built by Cisco.

Now, before we get to the big moment, let's talk about this:

Hal Jordan?!

Yes, we do see the jacket that says Jordan in the flashback with Oliver and Waller in the bar. What does this mean? As of now, nothing but a cool little easter egg. Hey, you never know? They did change the Green Lantern movie to Green Lantern Corps. This could mean that DC and CW can go ahead and put Green Lantern on the show because it won't be confusing. Also, they are probably going to have John Stewart star in the DCEU, not Hal Jodan. I just have a feeling and I'm not the only person on the internet who thinks that.

The Flash-FOWARD Grave Scene

The first flash-foward we've ever seen is from 6 months after this episode, which makes it around the finale. We see that Barry was fighting Zoom, which is good to hear. The question is, who's in that grave? I think it's either Lance or Felicity. I think it would make a lot of sense if it was Felicity because Oliver looked pissed, and he wants to kill the person responsible. Since he's supposed to be light-hearted, this would mean this person is close to his heart. Also, he's got to get it on with Laurel at some point. Now, whoever killed the person in this grave is a whole other story...

What did you guys think about the episode and more importantly...


Who's in the grave?


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