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After 3 full seasons i have come back with one goal- write
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Now this is my first post here and I’m excited

I thought id start with comparing arrow the TV show to the green arrow comics.

As anyone who watches the show knows that Mr Oliver Queen was once a playboy billionaire who cared for only himself and was a bit of a jerk. However having been stranded on an island and various other places for 5 years, he came back with one aim. To save his city. This is what we have seen and with the upcoming season 4 we are all very excited to see how he turns himself into the Green arrow. After having many names in the series up to know (e.g. The hood, the vigilante) we get to see how Oliver Queen progresses to the green arrow.

Anyway how does the Comic and the TV show relate?

Obviously the TV show is based on the comic so there is bound to be similarities. For instance the name….

There are differences however, in the comics Robert Queen sent his son to the island on purpose so that he could become more of a man which is different to the way he ended up on the island in the TV show.

Another difference is that in the first series there was Tommy Merlyn (Malcolm’s son) who tragically died. He was purely invented for the TV show and was not in the comic books or even mentioned at all.

Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) was never on the island and only became an enemy of the green arrow once he put an arrow in the eye of Deathstroke.

In the comics the black canary was Dinah Laurel Lance and we all know that now this is the case in the series however, to start with in the TV show it wasn’t Laurel it was her sister who was presumed dead along with Oliver Queen. Furthermore, in the first series of arrow in the first 7 episodes Laurel Lance is called Dinah Laurel Lance by Tommy and Oliver.

There are a lot of differences and a lot of similarities to the comics in the series but, the best difference between the two is one man. John Diggle. He is a beloved fan favourite and has helped Ollie in three years now and he finally has his own costume which looks total badass. There has been a lot of people saying that John Diggle will become John Stewart and at the London city of heroes the cast of arrow and some Flash was there and they did say that Johns middle name was Stewart and the script was that when diggle got married it would be said but, last minute things changed the mind. However, I thought at the end of last season it may just happen. But, I’m so glad it didn’t. There is a reason why Arrow is better than the Flash (don’t get me wrong I love The Flash) however, I think arrow is darker and has more to it and I think if we was to add things like (meta-humans for instance) into arrow it may not go as well. Now people may say “Oh.. what about the Lazarus Pit” and stuff like that but, there is a fine line between going over the top with things like that and having the perfect baseline which I think arrow has done perfectly. It is like I believe that Captain Cold was by far the best enemy in the first season of The Flash.

Anyway however, I hope you all enjoyed reading kind of got biased to arrow at the end there but who can blame me after all, I have come here with one goal- to write about what I think…


What Do You Think Comic or the Television Show


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