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Jonathan Bird

I have complied a list of some of the sexiest women in sci-fi and if you think I have missed anyone then please let me know in the comments.

Princess Leia - Star Wars

Played by Carrie Fisher in the Star Wars films, Princess Leia is Han Solo's romantic interest as well as Luke Skywalker's sister. Her most iconic bun hairstyle and revealing gold bikini does not leave much to the imagination. Both have been a popular cosplay character decades later.

Sarah Connor - Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Sarah was played by Linda Hamilton in both films. Although attractive in the first Terminator, Sarah is definitely more badass in the second movie and much sexier!

Leeloo - Fifth Element

Portrayed by Milla Jovovich, Leeloo started life as a hand and was then recreated as a human woman. She is described as ‘the perfect being’. Milla then went on to do similar roles in the Resident Evil movies. She loves sci-fi and so do we!

Seven of Nine - Star Trek Voyager

The fans of Trek Dating have voted and think that Jeri Ryan who plays a semi restored Borg Voyager officer known as Seven Of Nine is the hottest of the lot. Mostly wearing a ribbed spandex unitard people couldn't take her eyes off her.

Barbarella - Barbarella

Played by Jane Fonda back in the 60’s this ranks as a total classic. Barbarella is sent to space to find a mad scientist from a far away planet. She always manages to find ways to rip her clothes or float around naked!

Sil - Species

Natasha Henstridge plays Sil, a half human/half alien hybrid. She was created in a laboratory when instructions were sent to mix the two DNA’s. All Sil wanted to do was mate...I imagine that went down quite well!

Number 6 - Battlestar Galactica

Out of the Cylon models, Number 6 played by Tricia Helfer is a new generation of Cylons who are capable of adapting to human forms and emotions. Being a sexy seductress, a bad girl and a strong warrior I couldn't get enough of her.


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