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Chris Moore

Meet newlyweds Robert and Rebecca, the couple who defied tradition and replaced their first dance with a lightsaber battle.

Revealing the epitome of geek love, Robert and Rebecca made their way onto the dance floor, only then to the surprise of their guests as they drew their lightsabers and began to duel.

As you can see here, the happy couple found that injecting a touch of their favorite popular culture into the festivities was the perfect way to spice up their wedding day.

What better way to signify two halves of the same whole by reenacting a battle between good and evil, right and wrong, the light side and the dark side...

The fight may not have been impeccably choreographed or perfectly executed, but the newlyweds couldn't have looked happier as they circled one another, embracing their geeky side in front of their closest friends and family.

Nerd love like this defines modern relationships by bringing couples together in a shared interest. So, regardless of your opinion on Star Wars, you have to admire Robert and Rebecca's decision to truly make their wedding day their own, and one that they'll never forget.

Congratulations to the lovely couple , who came together for the first time as man and wife in a way we can all only hope to achieve. Because we all need that one special person with whom we can show our true inner geek.

Watch the full video below to see the exiting conclusion!



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