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Sicario (2015)

dir. Denis Villeneuve

Starring Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro.

Review By: Max Andrews

This movie is bad-ass! They hit a home run with the casting. Josh Brolin is great as shady CIA agent Matt Graver. He is almost always in the background, using fear and jaded logic to get what he wants. Emily Blunt plays kick-ass FBI agent Kate Macer. We follow her as she gets swept into the war on drugs and starting to lose herself trying to keep up with Brolin and Del Toro. She is the clear moral compass in the movie. At one point you see her scrolling through horrible pictures of what drug traffickers do to people in an attempt to justify her and her colleagues actions, but it isn't enough. Benicio Del Toro, as Alejandro, is an enigma for most of the film. As the movie goes on, we are drawn more and more to his character and we see the toll that drug trafficking and cartel life takes on anyone who gets involved. By the end, you aren't sure how to feel about the characters (excluding Brolin who is an obvious jerk) and you are left to decide for yourself who was right or wrong or even if those terms are applicable. Del Toro stole the show for me. I would love to see a movie that focused on Alejandro alone.

Sicario was directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Taylor Sheridan. I had to IMDB them both, but that shouldn't be a problem after this. The cinematography is remarkable and I liked the different styles used throughout the film to accent the tone of the action. The pace stays pretty even throughout the movie, but the tension and the stakes just build and build and build until the end. The dinner scene near the end of the film was the best part for me. No punches were pulled.

As we get later on in the year, the time for popcorn action flicks passes and we get the heavier, more dramatic movies. Sicario is a great start to the season. 8/10 from me. Go watch it.


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