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In season 5 of The Walking Dead we saw the return of Morgan. The last time we saw him was season 3. At that time we saw how his experiences from season 1 to season 3 had left him a broken man. We find out that his son had been bitten by his mother which left Morgan to kill both of them.

Appearing in season 5, Morgan seems to be more mentally stable and have a new appreciation for life. He even held back from killing the two members of the Wolves who attacked him. The look of distraught he gives Rick at the end of season 5 for killing Pete says it all.

Lennie James has talked out an upcoming episode showing what happened to Morgan from season 3 to his appearance in season 5. What motivated him to change? Did someone help him change? Hopefully, all these questions will be answered.

I believe Morgan still needs to evolve. His new appreciation for life may have a negative outcome. His previous mistakes have had negative consequences. He didn't kill his wife in season 1, which led to his son's death. In season 5, he didn't kill the two members of the Wolves which led to them discovering pictures of Alexandria. Lets see what season 6 holds for Morgan.


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