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Every year torrents of horror films hit the market whether they're straight to DVD or lucky enough to land in the theater. Every so often, however, a horror anthology hits the horror community breaking the cycle of streamline narrative films. Anthologies are so refreshing because you're able to consume several stories within the same time spand as a regular film. Here are 5 of the most chilling horror anthologies!

Tales From The Darkside: The Movie (1990)

This popular anthology movie which features a string of stories blended with horror and dark humor, is based on the classic 80s series by the same name. Several scary stories are told by a little boy trying to avoid being eaten by a witch. None of the stories are particularly long as they don't beat around the bush in order to hit the punchline. The movie has some strong writers behind it including George A. Romero, Stephen King and one of the segments is based on an Arthur Conan Doyle short story.

The talents seen in this movie aren't too bad either. The cast features a young Christian Slater, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi and Matthew Lawrence. Tales From The Darkside is a great anthology for whenever you're in the mood for some light horror.

Trick 'r Treat (2007)

This has to be my favorite horror anthology and I find it sad that it's, it's never received the large amount of attention it deserved. Trick 'r Treat contains four interwoven stories that all take place on the night of Halloween. Because every story is flawlessly linked together, it sets itself above the rest in terms of quality. The stories are slightly humorous at first and then descend in to pure horror. Whether it's the virgin trying to lose her virginity on Halloween night or the high school principal who is really a serial killer, there's bound to be one story that will make your jaw drop at the very end.

This film also has an impressive cast and stars: Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker and Brian Cox. It's perfect to watch with friends on Halloween night.

The Twilight Zone Movie (1983)

The Twilight Zone movie is considered every bit as iconic and legendary as the series that debuted in 1959. The movie includes 4 segments directed by 4 famous directors including: Joe Dante, John Landis, George Miller and Steven Speilberg. The stories are a blend of horror and sci-fi much like the original series which makes it stand out from other horror anthologies. The series even has a unique dark cloud hanging over it as 3 people were decapitated in real life during a scene involving a helicopter. Don't worry, that scene is not included in the film. What is included in the film are 4 memorizing stories that include great social commentaries.

Creepshow 1&2 (1982-1987)

Creepshow both 1 and 2 (although 1 is clearly the better of the two) are great examples of a campy and fun horror anthology that stands the test of time. The first film is directed by the famous zombie movie director, George A. Romero, and written by Stephen King. The stories are campy, gory and trashy making them a lot of fun to watch any time of year if you're a horror fan. If you like to keep your horror movies oriented around the Halloween season then these two movies are one you need to pull out every year. I do want to warn you that if you have a fear of bugs, you might want to skip Creepshow 1. It shows one of the most terrifying bug infestations in movie history.

Tales From Hood (1995)

This film is another underrated horror film that's a favorite of mine. Tales From The Hood is one of the few black horror films that features an entirely black cast. The movie includes four strange tales told by a creepy funeral director. The film's bloody stories all have a great political or social twist making them more than just campy horror shorts.

The ending is particularly devilish fun!


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