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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
Walter Ng

Coraline was something I thought Tim Burton would do. It's very much that kind of Tim Burton feel. But clearly the people involved were inspired by him.
Coraline is something very creepy and it was always intriguing why.
As the title suggests, the movie surrounds Coraline but as we know from movies, the protagonist is never complete without their sidekick, and yeah it's clear where their trying to go with the sidekick and it was the romantic route.
And for me as a kid, I thought it was fine, but watching it again, I roll my eyes.

I mean yeah, okay they never really focus too much time on it, it's just that the hinting was too hard, and it was too obvious. I also thought that the dad was really something to behold, because he is in and out and lets his daughter explore the house. I mean yeah, it's a new house but don't you think he should be more involved in his daughter's life?

But anyway, Coraline finds a hole and it leads to a parallel dimension where the people there are puppet people with button eyes. I mean they technically take the Alice in Wonderland route. But this is very much surreal and we feel that it is real, and we can't help but to ask whether it's real or some of her inhibitions being amplified. I mean they also take the evil step mother route but that's only in the parallel dimension and again we are left questioning, like is she somebody she fears because she lost her mother and her newer mother is going to be that way, because they never really show us the mother. Yeah okay, once or twice but still.

And then there's the question of the sidekick as well and again there's not much focus there it's just the classic, would you do everything in your power to save your friend and that's a really nice sub message. I mean in the end this piece is very much like Alice in Wonderland as I've said, in that it grabs you in to its environment and you get absorbed it in it and you're left feeling goosebumps. And especially it being a Halloween movie, I think that's one of the most important things to have is the horror factor. And yeah it's the classic like monsters and stuff like that, but it's like they're apparitions of her mind, and maybe it was just because of that new realm, or dwelling that she was in.

And we will always be left to interpret what really happened. So the plot is pretty simplistic and the story line, led by Coraline is again something very intriguing, like how come only she and the friend can see it and not the adults. And the characters, are all those who make you feel like this is a town that is uncomfortably creepy, and strange, with the background and the foreground and even the shades they choose. It's equally chilling and it's one recommended for all ages for this coming Halloween.


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