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Microsoft are pushing the very boundaries of the gaming world with their latest virtual reality project. This latest project, created on their HoloLens system is lightyears ahead of anything we have seen previously.

Watch as this gamer is able to walk around his living room, wielding a holographic blaster, augmented onto his arm - blasting his way through waves of flying robotic alien like beings.

Code Named - Project X-Ray

Project X-Ray is able to introduce holograms into a player's environment. The first mind-blowing element in the demonstration was that it was able to place a robotic gauntlet onto the player as if it were a real piece of armor. Just like the tech in Iron Man.

The gauntlet is able to move freely around the room with the player. Not only does it sit nicely on the arm with no glitching, it later turns into a robot-blasting laser gun.

The demonstration goes on to showcase the environmental abilities of the new system. We see a giant robot rip an actual hole into a wall and from within it spawn a number of evil flying robots.

These robotic holograms seem to have a brain of their own and are able to interact with both the player and each other. Microsoft have assured us that there will be an extremely high level of A.I. for each and every hologram created in Project X-Ray.

Microsoft always aim to be market leaders and it would seem that they have really made an effort to catch up with Sony's Morpheus VR project. One might even say that they now truly have their 'head in the game'.

The thing I like most about Microsoft's HoloLens system is that it is specifically a "mixed reality" platform as opposed to an exclusive virtual reality system.

This basically means that it uses VR to manipulate your environment instead of replacing it altogether - as this video demonstrates.

Microsoft have said that this is purely experimental technology at present but something tells me that we will be seeing a lot more of Microsoft's HoloLens in 2016.

Virtual reality will be playing a major role this year, VR has come on leaps and bounds with 2014 and now 2015 being witness to an unprecedented increase in VR products, games and companies getting in on the action. I think by the time we get to E3 2020 gaming and gaming tech will be completely unrecognizable. The future has never been brighter for the industry.

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