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The Feast Awakens

The time is almost upon us. The latest entry into the Star Wars saga is nearly here, so it's time to plan for it. Step one, gathering together for a bite to eat while everyone arrives before heading off to the theater. So who shall I invite to this little dinner and a movie shin-ding?

1) George Lucas

Who better to watch Star Wars with than the man himself, Mr. George Lucas. Whether it's picking his brain about the universe he's created, his inspirations, and the like; laughing with him at the missteps like Jar Jar and Howard the Duck; or going into attack mode over such flubs as midichlorians and the Crystal Skull, having good ol' George-y boy there will ensure there are no lulls in the conversation.

2) Bruce Wayne

Nothing would spoil this little celebration more than having our after-dinner movie ruined by a bunch of inconsiderate spectators yelling at the screen, live tweeting during the film, and kicking the back of our chairs. Or worse yet, the movie could be sold out when we get there (assuming we forgot to get our tickets ahead of time, silly us)! Not a problem with Bruce Wayne on our side. Not only does he own his own fleet of vehicles so we can arrive like a boss, but he can simply buy out the theater so we can stretch out and relax knowing we have the place to ourselves.

3) Frank Martin, The Transporter

Yes, Bruce Wayne has a plethora of sleek, stylish, and swift cars, but what good is that if we leave late, get stuck in traffic, or run into some other dilemma? What we need is a driver, and who better to fit the bill than The Transporter himself, *Rule #1 - no names*. This man is known for his attention to detail, precision, and ability. Who better to keep us on schedule and get us to our destination on time? So long as we follow the rules...

4) Alton Brown

Time to think about the dinner part of our evening. Feeding our galactic sized appetites will require a vast array of delectable choices. So why not go with the man who is the master of Good Eats, Alton Brown. Sure a master chef might make an unforgettable feast, but Alton can give use great tasting food, teach us how to make it ourselves, and make the entire thing fun and entertaining. A man of such talents is a definite must have for any dinner party, so he will undoubtedly get an invite to my little get-together.

5) Magnitude, Community

Now while the other invitees aren't necessarily boring, they are a little, shall we say... reserved. This is after all a dinner PARTY, so we need someone to bring the excitement and get that adrenaline flowing. And no one can get this party started up in here better than Magnitude. With everyone else it's a good time, but once Magnitude come in and brings da noise as well as da funk, this will be an event that no one will ever forget. Pop! Pop! The volume just went from 3 to 11!


So what do you think of my guest list


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