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These are my picks for the guests of the Ultimate Dinner Party:

I. Robert Downey Jr

This one's obvious, right? Of course but you might be asking: Why not Iron Man?

Because it's f*cking Robert Downey Jr and HE IS IRON MAN!

He would be the one to drink all the wine and tell all the good jokes.

Side note: I wasn't sure who I want to choose: Christian Bales Batman or Robert Downey Jr. In the end (as seen above I chose the latter. I figured I didn't want the party to end because of some psycho that wants to kill Bats and can't wait till the end of the party (which seems to happen all the time).

Wow that was a really long side note.

II. The Arab Swordsman from "Raiders of the Lost Arc"

You remember that one Arab in black clothes and a giant that attacked and challenged Indiana Jones? The one who Indy shot instead of fighting with him? Ya, that guy. I personally think he is one of the most awkward characters in cinema and everybody knows that at every party there is this one awkward guy that nobody knows.

III. Ariel (human form)

She gets weirded out by a fork. Now can you imagine her at a fancy dinner party? I can't.

IV.Any character from South Park

Any South Park character + dinner party = the best party ever. It's simple math (Why on Earth do you, British people, say maths?) confirmed by headology. Enough said, counted, whatever.

And finally:

V. Master Yoda

Imagine this: a little green alien barely taller than the table (while seated) eating lobster, caviar or some other fancy food. When he's finished he gets up, goes to the dance floor and starts dancing with Ariel. Good luck!

You done? Looks like you have a big imagination and you see that Yoda is a perfect guest at a dinner party.

We made it!!!

Now if there would ever be a dinner party with these people it would me the most awesome, not dinner party dinner party ever. It would be the Ultimate Dinner Party.

Thanks for reading!


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