ByRowena Hulme-charlesworth, writer at
Rowena Hulme-charlesworth

We all read the magazines,papers,books,,watch documetaries,listen to tabloid gossip and spread info around on the net.....yes,we all do it,its a "human" thing,and whilst it is WRONG it happens.

Selena Gomez gained notoriety for being Justin Bieber's girlfriend,may i add i have both Selena n Justin on my Ipod,they are young ,both growing up in the media spotlight,both being autopsied by the fans, its probably NOT the way they thought their lives would be,and i think they have embraced,and misused their celebrity,and brought on their sadness somewhat themselves,...

BUT ....when i read about how the world and his wife presume to know the "real" reason for a certain phase in a celebritys i get realled Pd off!!

As this article over Selena has shown,her break up with JB has NOTHING to do with her taking a break at all.....Lupus is so well documented ....GOOGLE IT! I think you might be very suprised with what you read, chemotherapy is no fairground ride either,so her decision to go for it must have been devastating!

Well done you ,Selena,you have made a huge decision and its paid off!

Come on you guys out there,lets all rally behind Selena and help her take back her rightfull place in the wonderful world ...that is music .


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