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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Remember sweet, innocent, teen pop sensation? Well throw that perception completely out the window! Celebrities' privacy being invaded is nothing new and now the paparazzi has seemed to have shaped a picture of Justin Beiber in his full-frontal glory! You are either completely disgusted or are jumping for joy if you find him attractive (like many do). Unfortunately for Beiber, and many other celebs, their privacy is always on attack, I can't even imagine how difficult that would be.

Justin Beiber photographed while on vacation in Bora Bora!

While on vacation with Model Jayde Pierce, Beiber was photographed while taking a dip in his private pool completely naked. Paparazzi was obviously posted up waiting for their chance to get a snapshot of Beiber, and that is exactly why they got. You can view the censored versions below but view at your own risk:

Is Beiber romantically involved with Jayde Pierce?

There has been rumor that that these two have been romantically involved for quite some time and this may only add to that rumor. The Model has been seen with Beiber on multiple occasions. (Check out her Instagram HERE) It is evident in the fact that they were on vacation together and Beiber was photographed walking around completely nude so it seems apparent. Neither of the two have offered to comment on the status of their relationship or the leaked photos.

Twitter Reacts!

It wouldn't be a scandal if Twitter wasn't involved right? Twitter has been taken by storm the last few hours as these pictures have circulated the internet. There have been numerous memes and hilarious Tweets so check them out!:


Are you surprised to see Justin Beiber's nudes online?

ATTENTION: Personal Privacy is a serious issue! Celebrities are human too!


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