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Marvel has just announced the Ant-Man sequel—Ant-Man and The Wasp 2018with an additional 3 movies slated for 2020. What does this mean for the currently planned movies? Well, it brings Black Panther to February 2018 and pushes Captain Marvel to 2019.

So, what could these three mystery movies be? Here are some of my best guesses. Well, these are what I would love them to be, actually:

1. Hawkeye and Hulk

Ever since watching Earth's Mightiest Heroes all I ever wanted was a Hawkeye and Hulk team-up. As long as they could capture Hawkeye's original cheek and charm and Hulk's reluctance to follow orders. I think the difficulty would be creating the interaction between Banner and Hawkeye. I am not sure how well Renner and Ruffalo would go together on-screen, though. I don't them making it a comedy.

These two often forgotten characters would make a great team in my opinion. A post will be arriving soon detailing what this movie would be about.

Likelihood: Semi-likely. A man can certainly dream.

2. The Defenders

Although the characters that would be in this movie are a part of Netflix's MCU TV series, it is quite possible that for the introduction of a new team, Marvel Entertainment will take the reigns. And yes, their contracts support films.

Likelihood: 50/50

3. Vision and Scarlet Witch

The romance was hinted at in Age of Ultron
The romance was hinted at in Age of Ultron

Any comic book fan who has read onward of 1970 Marvel comics knows that the Vision and Scarlet Witch have a very long relationship, however, rocky at times. But considering their appearance in Age of Ultron, and that brief hint at a relationship and their upcoming appearance in Civil War, it is quite possible that we will see a movie surrounding them.

Likelihood: I imagine there to be at least a 30% chance. However, I do think that one of the three movies will somehow star these two nevertheless.

Why These?

Yes, looking at these suggestions, they may seem farfetched, however, isn't that what the comics were? The comics are what placed all of these random superheroes together that shouldn't have been together and made them work. Somehow, whoever Marvel puts together, always works. That's the advantage the MCU has over the DCU. You have these beloved shows—Arrow and Flash—and none of them are available in the DCU; meaning that recasts are inevitable. Familiarity goes out the window. Whereas Marvel has the ability to keep all of its assets within one universe. This means that Marvel can insert a well-known character like Coulson into the midst of the lesser-known Defenders, to give it a more familiar feel. It allows you to make a connection with each of their movies.

Why would you cut a brother or sister out of a family picture? All it would do is render the image confusing.


What Movie would you like to see in this trilogy?


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