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Yay. There's yet ANOTHER Phase 3 rejig and yet ANOTHER Phase 3 movie announced.

I know, I should be happy, I should be bouncing. Instead, I'm close to giving up.

I'm gonna spell it out plain and simple...

Marvel have NO CLUE what's gonna happen at the end of Phase 3.

No clue.

All they have planned is: Infinity gauntlet gets filled with stones, put on hand of Thanos and Infinity War ensues.

That has to be it. That has to be everything they know, because there's no way on planet earth that Marvel could have a set, defined plan for Phase 3 if they keep adding films to it.

Marvel are doing what every writer is used to and has had to learn to stop: blowing their mind with new ideas and adding it to the story. They are looking at the profits and deciding they need to add a sequel, so they think: let's put it in Phase 3. Except Phase 3 is already stretched enough.

There are too many films in Phase 3 that are going to alter the course of human history, not to mention AoS, Daredevil, Luke Cage, AKA Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, The Defenders AND two new TV shows: Damage Control and Marvel's Most Wanted for there to be a coherent and flowing story already. It's going to be a mammoth task for everything to connect and it was hard enough with Phase 1 and even HARDER with Phase 2, but it was do-able. Now there are just too many stories. It is just about possible for Marvel to connect the dots. JUST. With a massive amount of brainpower and creativity and by knowing their basic ending, they have the ability to map out the entirety of Phase 3, which is the only way they can make it connect. If everything has it's own place and everything is written and connects and there's no gaps, no spaces, everything is how it will happen. If one thing moves the whole thing will fall apart.

Marvel it seems aren't understanding this. Because now, they've brought in yet ANOTHER film.

I'm all for Wasp and all for an Ant-Man sequel, but I'm not willing to see Phase 3 suffer because of it. Marvel needs to lock down a story because the more they keep adding to their current story the less the future ending is going to connect with everything that's gone before it.

It seems like there's no cohesive plan and they need a cohesive plan if they're going to avoid Superhero Fatigue.

If they're going to make Phase 3 work and flow properly they need to know how everything fits and the only way they can do that is if they STOP adding more characters, villains, heroes, stories, arcs, etc etc.

Ultimately, I fear that we'll never get to see Infinity War or how it SHOULD be, because it seems like Marvel don't yet know how they're going to get there.

I still trust Marvel, but it's definitely gone from unwavering to a little bit of doubt.

I hope they have a plan, but as I said in my article on basically the same thing when Spiderman got revealed, they've not said anything about having a set plan for Phase 3 and considering the MCU's unique feature is that "it's all connected" I'm royally worried about it them not having it connected themselves and that can cause problems.

Either way, we'll have to wait and see. Let's pray to God I'm wrong.


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