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Did you know that the nostalgia hungry crowd is a pretty good market sector to target if you know what you're doing? Probably because you've more than likely bought something for the sake of nostalgia and also because it was just a damn cool thing to have. Shoemaker Josh Pell of Nookiee (not to be confused with the designer clothing and swimwear website Nookie) is banking on that market with these pretty amazing shoes. All of his shoes are hand made and, like it says on the title, fresh to death as they recreate the styles of yesteryear.

"Believing that every shoe is alive and has the power to take you on a journey, Josh decided that each shoe will always be hand-made, special and limited. The magic of Nookiee is everybody wants it but not everyone can get it."

One look at the shoes and I totally get what he's saying because I covet them with the intensity of a thousand suns.

PHOTO: The Comics Blog via Tumblr
PHOTO: The Comics Blog via Tumblr

They come in a couple of different styles, the flagship being the shoes based on the suits from the film. Prices range from $100 to $450 for a limited edition shoe. The limited edition run only has 8 shoes on the site itself and should you elect to buy the limited edition shoe, then it comes with your name embroidered on the inside of the tongue and has its corresponding number.

PHOTO: The Comics Blog via Tumblr
PHOTO: The Comics Blog via Tumblr

If I didn't have a car payment looming, I would try to snag one of these as quickly as I could. But you still can and I urge you to so I can live vicariously through your joy. The shoes are set for a worldwide launch at New York Comic Con. You can learn more about Nookiee via the links below:


Would you buy one of these shoes?


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