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Cole Sprouse, popular for his work as Cody Martin on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Suite Life on Deck, Ben Geller on Friends, and Frankenstein in Big Daddy, officially has one of the cooler celebrity Halloween costumes we've seen so far.

Keeping close to his Disney roots, Sprouse decided over a month ago now, to dress as Atlantis' Milo Thatch, linguist and cartography expert, for Halloween.

The young actor gave us a preview of his look in early September, but refrained from unveiling his full costume until now.

So should we take a closer look at the final product? Of course we should!

Take a gander at how well Cole's months of hard work payed off

Cole Sprouse / Twitter
Cole Sprouse / Twitter

The glasses, the sweater, the nervous glance. Perfection.

He can also rock the tank top look for if it gets a little warm

Cole Sprouse / Twitter
Cole Sprouse / Twitter

If he needs an Audrey or even a Kida, I'd be happy to pull something together to make this a group costume.

Well done, Cole! Now we just have to wait to see what his twin brother Dylan is going to go as this year. Perhaps another ode to Disney movies?

(Source: Cole Sprouse, Twitter)


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