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For many of us 90's kids, Nickelodeon's All That was the SNL of children's TV. The actors were hilarious, the skits were outrageous, and the show was outright fantastic!

All That lasted from 1994 to 2005 and featured several talented young actors throughout the show's 10 season run. Although we know many of the young actors grew up to be successful adults, have you ever wondered what ever happened to the cast members who didn't stay in the spotlight? Check out where your favorite All That cast members ended up--you may surprised!

Lori Beth Denberg (1994-1998)

"And now, Lori Beth Denberg with more Vital Information for your everyday life."
"And now, Lori Beth Denberg with more Vital Information for your everyday life."

Part of the original cast, Lori Beth Denberg played a lot of adult characters such as Ms. Fingerly and the noisy librarian. She also had her own skit in which provided us with 'vital information' for our everyday lives. She had outrageous lines like, "It's rude to walk up to an old person and say, 'Hey, has your face always looked like that, or have you just been underwater for the last twenty years?'"

After the show's fourth season, Denberg left the All That cast because she was started to get older. She went on to play Lydia on The Steve Harvey Show from 1998-2002. Since then she has made a couple of appearances playing minor roles in the movie Dodgeball starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn in 2004 and a short appearance on Workaholics in 2012. Now, she is a writer and a wedding officiator.

Angelique Bates (1994-1996)

The first to leave the show, Angelique Bates remained part of the All That cast for two reasons, deciding not to renew her contract. She is best known for her character portrayal of Steve Urkel and as Mandy on "Cooking with Randy and Mandy" in which every recipe included chocolate.

After leaving the show, Bates made appearances on both Lifetime's Strong Medicine and Fox's Boston Police in 2000 and 2001, respectively. She currently has her own YouTube channel that sometimes features long time friends and former All That cast members Katrina Johnson and Alisa Reyes. She has her own single titled "Can't Fade Me Now," and other singles on her YouTube channel.


Katrina Johnson (1994-1997)

Probably the youngest cast member of the original cast, Katrina Johnson remained on All That for two seasons and half of season 3. Johnson was responsible for playing two of the best known impersonations of the time: Ross Perot and Roseanne Barr.

While starring on All That, Johnson regularly performed at the Laugh Factory. After her contract ended, she retired from acting and is now the host of Unscripted Radio. She also filmed a pilot for a show called "Grow Up Already" that was unfortunately never picked up. Katrina Johnson remains in contact with close friends Angelique Bates and Alisa Reyes.

Alisa Reyes (1994-1997)

Alisa Reyes is best known for character Kiki along with Lori Beth Denberg as Fran in the "Island Girls". Reyes left All That after 3 years because she claimed she was tired of sketch comedy.

After leaving the show, Reyes went on to play Cuban-born entrepreneur of NBC's One World from 1998 to 2001 and earned the coveted Hollywood Young Star Award in 2000 for her role. Afterwards, Reyes did some voice acting for Disney's The Proud Family as LaCienaga from 2001-2005. She also had recurring roles in The Bold and The Beautiful. Today, she remains in the spotlight hosting her own radio broadcast shows and dedicating her time to help out various charities.

Kel Mitchell (1994-1999)


Starring in All That for 5 seasons, Kel Mitchell's most notable charcters include Repairman, Coach Kreton, and Ed of the "Good Burger" sketch. Mitchell went on to have his own show with Kenan Thompson titled Kenan and Kel. In addition, he and Kel went on to star in The Good Burger movie in 1997, where they reprised their roles from the All That sketch.

Since then, he has made appearances on various Nickelodeon shows: The Amanda Show and Cousin Skeeter in 1997, the Nick Cannon Show in 2002, Sam & Cat in 2013. He is currently starring on Nick's Gameshakers, a show created by Dan Schneider, as Double G.

Josh Server (1994-2000)

The only cast member to star in all six original seasons of All That, Josh Server played the iconic roles of Earboy, Detective Dan, and Superdude's nemesis Milkman. While on the show, he also appeared on various Nickelodeon shows including Kenan and Kel, The Secret World of Alex Mack, and The Amanda Show--although for only one episode.

In 2002, he appeared as Charlie in 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd; and in 2006 he appeared on Drake & Josh. He also appeared on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Since then, he has remained out of the camera's eye but continues to appear at different charity events and award presentations.

Kenan Thompson (1994-1999)

"It's Superrduuuudde!"
"It's Superrduuuudde!"

One of the best known actors from the show, Kenan Thompson starred on All That for five seasons. He portrayed characters such as Superdude, Pierre Escargot, and Randy from "Cooking with Randy and Mandy." Kenan also collaborated with costmate Kel Mitchell in the Good Burger movie, and their show Kenan and Kel, which also garnered its own movie Two Heads Are Better Than None.

Aside from appearing in his own shows, Thomspon has appeared in various movies including Snaked On A Plane, Fat Albert, D2: The Mighty Ducks and D3: The Mighty Ducks. Since 2003, Thomspon has starred on Saturday Night Live as a repertory cast member.

Danny Tamberelli (1997-2000)

Better known as Pete from Pete & Pete.
Better known as Pete from Pete & Pete.

Before starring on All That, Danny Tamberelli played Pete in the Nickelodeon show Pete & Pete. He joined the cast of All That in 1997 and his characters included Jack Campbell: Fat Cop and Hairy Spice. After Lori Beth Denberg left the show, Tamberelli replaced her as the host of "Vital Information."

After 3 seasons, Tamberelli left the show and is currently the bassist and vocalist for the rock band Jounce, releasing three albums. He is also the voice and and physical inspiration for Jimmy De Santa of Grand Theft Auto V. In 2014, he started a podcast with former Pete and Pete star Michael Maronna.

Nick Cannon (1998-2000)

Nick Cannon began his acting career by starring in the fifth and sixth season of All That. Although he does not have any specific characters that stood out, other than as one of the girls in "The Inconvenience Store' along side Kenan Thompson, he went on to starring in his own show titled The Nick Cannon Show on Nickelodeon.

When TeenNick was created, Cannon was chosen to be the Chairman of the network and the creative and development consultant. Since then, Cannon has appeared in countless movies and tv shows, including Drumlime and Love Don't Cost A Thing. In 2005, he was given his on show on MTV called Wild 'N Out which is still on the air. He also married Mariah Carey in 2008 and had twins in 2011. He also had a successful music career.

Amanda Bynes (1996-2000)

What happened to that sweet, funny little girl we knew and loved.
What happened to that sweet, funny little girl we knew and loved.

Amanda Bynes. She joined the All That cast in 1996 as probably the youngest actor of the entire show. Her characters included Ashley from the sketch "Ask Ashley" as well as many other adorable characters. She was then given her own show titled "The Amanda Show" which featured a young Drake Bell and Josh Peck. In her show, she continued with sketch comedy and finally moving onto movies and other television projects.

In 2002, she starred alongside Jenny Garth in What I Like About You which lasted a few seasons. She then transitioned into films, starring in Big Fat Liar, What A Girl Wants, She's The Man, and Easy A. Eventually, she retired from acting and went into the fashion world. However, she has been popular in news outlets for doing some crazy things, including calling President Obama ugly! In 2014, she was hospitalized but was released in October of that year.



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