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So after becoming one of the most exciting video game series to grace the earth, with it's all famous chicken-kicking and the most perfect man of all time - Reaver, voiced by Stephen Fry, I have come to the epic conclusion that they all deserve a cast; I thought I would start with the third one in the series. As Theresa once said, and so our story begins...

Reaver: Sam Claflin

Sam Claflin to play the elegantly evil Reaver.
Sam Claflin to play the elegantly evil Reaver.

Being the elegant yet evil man that he is, Reaver is a man who I found quite hard to cast, but I soon came across Sam Claflin who I thought to be perfect for the role. Reaver is supposed to be a rich gentleman, the Hero of Skill, with an evil streak. However, he is thought to be good-looking and a charmer when it comes to women. He is a man of class, and prides himself on his vanity as well as his skill with his weapon, the Dragonstomper .48. Something ever so interesting about Reaver has to be that he has been granted eternal youth, so long as he makes sacrifices of other people's youth to the Shadowcourt.

Why Sam?

Sam Claflin is a marvellous actor. He is known for his role of Alex in Love, Rosie, and famously famously he played Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I and will continue to do so in Part II. Claflin is a very charming, good looking man who has proven his seductive and mysterious side by his portrayal of Finnick. I feel that with Sam's lopsided smirk, devilishly handsome looks and his fantastic skills as an actor, he will play Reaver so well that even his voice actor Stephen Fry would be blown away!

Logan: Tom Hiddleston

King Logan, a tyrannical ruler over the Kingdom of Albion. He is the primary antagonist in the third video game, and he is shown to value business and industry over his own people and kingdom. He is the older brother to the Hero/Heroine of Brightwall; however, he truly is a man simply trying to save his kingdom from a darkness that will be arriving in five years time.

Why Tom?

If it isn't clear already, Tom plays a mighty villain who was severely misunderstood (god bless, Loki) in the Marvel cinematic universe. Perhaps that's why I think he suits this role so much? Tom would have the regal presence that a ruler would most definitely have. More importantly, he would have the cruelty that the character holds dearly in order to protect his family. I feel that Tom's magnificent acting skills would enable him to play this character, and play him right.

Jasper: John Cleese

Jasper is a butler. He once served the royal family, but after fleeing the castle with the Hero/Heroine and Walter Beck, he quickly became the keeper of the Sanctuary - a place where the hero could change weapons, clothing and fast travel to other locations. Jasper is a clean freak, with a major case of OCD. He is definitely a bit of a coward, but his kindness and caring nature certainly does make up for it.

Why John?

It's simple really: John really is Jasper. Cleese is the voice actor of this kind-hearted character. He really captures the whole package of the character, including his livelihood and his appearance. It's difficult to explain pairing John to Jasper, simply because they are the same person. It was John who brought Jasper's voice to life, therefore I feel he should bring him to life too.

Ben Finn: Chris Pine

Ben Finn was once a soldier in the Royal Army before Logan replaced them with his own soldiers. As a close ally to Major Swift and as he is considered to be a traitor by King Logan. He has joined the Bowerstone Resistance in hopes of taking the King off of the throne. He's slightly dozy, incredibly ditzy and hopelessly in love with Page, the leader of the Bowerstone Resistance. Ben is a skilled fighter, but is terrible at flirting and can be extremely awkward when it comes to women.

Why Chris?

Chris Pine is an amazing actor and has played just about every type of character under the son. He was Captain Kirk in Star Trek, Jake in Just My Luck, and he even featured in The Princess Diaries 2 as Nicholas! This is why I think he is a perfect candidate for Finn. Why? He has the same look in his eye, the same mindset, as well as the same witty humour. Chris can play the awkwardness, as proven in Just My Luck, as well as the utter bad-assery that he once portrayed in the romantic-action-comedy This Means War.

Theresa: Rose McGowan

Theresa is a recurring character throughout the Fable series, and she is one of the most mysterious and oldest characters to have graced Albion. She is over six-hundred years old, whereas the all too famous Reaver is around five-hundred years of age. The woman possesses the power of future-telling and is known simply as the Blind Seer, due to Jack of Blades cutting out her eyes when she was just a girl.

Why Rose?

Famous for her epic performance as Paige in the young adult witch-themed TV series, Charmed, I feel Rose can really hold in Theresa's magical aura and do it justice. I think Rose has the same soothing nature, even if she can be a little bit rambunctious at times. Perhaps Rose could bring an extra bit of quirkiness to Theresa's character and make her vitality to the series even more prominent.

Sir Walter Beck: Robert De Niro

Why Robert?

De Niro has had a fantastic background in filmography

and his legendary status totally suits this role. He has the perfect look, attitude and age range. Robert is a fantastic actor, and I feel as though

his experience and wisdom when it comes to acting can really shine through when we come to Sir Walter Beck.

I feel as though De Niro could lend an emotional performance and a fantastic side to this flawless and exciting character.

Page: Nathalie Emmanuel

Page is the Leader of the Bowerstone Resistance, her main goal being seeking justice against the king and leading the people of Albion to safety with a new, and much less tyrannical ruler. She is a compassionate and caring young woman, but it can take a very long while for her to warm up to people and have faith in them. Trust is something that she struggles to give people, purely because of how Logan turned out to be.

Why Nathalie?

Nathalie has become known for her role as Missandei in the popular TV show Game of Thrones, but what I enjoy about this woman most is her smile, her love of people and her people skills in general and that is everything that Page is. She is a woman of words, and I feel as though Nathalie would speak those words wisely and make a movie-adaptation of the game a definite wonder.

The Hero/Heroine: Chace Crawford & Natalie Portman

The main character in the third game is none other than the Hero of Brightwall, but due to you being able to choose between the two sexes, I decided to give both a male and female casting. So here it is, the Hero of Brightwall, the man/woman who is to save Albion from her or his tyrannical brother and defeat the coming darkness...

Why Chace?

Well, we've already seen him as the typical nice-guy Knight in Shining Armour type in Gossip Girl, so why not see him actually swing a sword and save some lives? Chace has the charm that a leader needs and the heart that an actor needs to play such a huge part.

Why Natalie?

Natalie holds the elegance and the grace that you would expect from a woman with royal blood. Her skills were flaunted in the ever-so wonderful Black Swan and I think they could be used to a marvelous extent by portraying the heroine of this complex, yet exciting game series if it was brought to life.

And that wraps up my fan cast for a movie adaptation for one of the greatest game series of all time. A mixture of different actors and actresses who could each bring their own elements of expertise to make such a wonderful, epic production. Let me know what you think of my fan casting in the comments, and maybe even give your own ideas!


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