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"It's a small world after all..." - Yes, I realize that song will now be stuck in your head for the next week. You can thank me later. Right now, I want to use that chorus as a springboard to reveal to you that Hollywood's a pretty small world too! Ready to learn what other celebrity might be related to your favorite actor?

Elizabeth Olsen & Mary-Kate & Ashley

The EYES have it!
The EYES have it!

Relation: Sisters

Yes, it's true. Our beloved Scarlet Witch is actually the baby sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley! I bet somewhere Aaron Taylor-Johnson is thinking "I'm sure glad Quicksilver didn't have THREE sisters!" Although if I were her, the Olsen twins wouldn't be at the top of my list when saying who I'm related to. Elizabeth doesn't seem bothered by her sisters' success and popularity. On the contrary, she actually loves her sisters very much and frequently hangs out with them. That's sisterly affection right there!

Kirk Douglas & Michael Douglas

Like father, like son
Like father, like son

Relation: Father and Son

This one may not be a shock to most of you, but I certainly didn't know it and I'm willing to say there are a few of you out there that didn't either. I guess what they say about the apple not falling far from the tree is true of celebrities as well. Kirk Douglas and his son Michael are both acting legends. How awesome is it to think that Hank Pym was raised by Ned Land?!

Francis Ford Coppola & Nicolas Cage

Relation: Uncle and Nephew

Believe it or not, Francis Ford Coppola is Nic Cage's uncle! The National Treasure star was originally born as Nicolas Kim Coppola, but changed his name to Nicolas Cage when he got into acting. I feel you, Nic. If that was my name, I'd change it too.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Relation: Cousins

How awesome is it that the two guys in Hollywood's most adorable bromance are actually related? If you go far enough back into their family histories, these two best buds are actually tied together by blood! Pretty cool, huh?

Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck

"I'm with stupid."
"I'm with stupid."

Relation: In-laws

Yes, Batfleck's brother is actually married to Joaquin Phoenix's sister. Sooo, I'm guessing that means Ben and Joaquin are somehow related as well. Don't quote me on that. Casey Affleck was introduced to his wife Summer by her older brother, and after a six year courtship, the couple married and happily raised two sons, Indiana and Atticus.

I guess it really is true that it's a small world after all. Some of these didn't come as much of a surprise to me, but some of them were shockers.

Were there any celeb surprises on here? Or did you already know all of these? Comment below!


Which of these celeb relatives surprised you the most?


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