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Sometimes, it's difficult for the western world - and specifically, Americans - to acknowledge that other countries influence pop culture as well. Many times, we fail to get outside of our own perspective. The fact is, other countries have their favorite Hollywood stars too.

There's money to be made from developing a fan-base in other countries. Franchises like The Fast and the Furious (most recently with Furious 7) started in the underground and became massive global hits!

Here are 6 celebrities who you probably didn't realize randomly have a huge following in foreign countries.

1. Nicolas Cage is apparently huge in China

I admit that what I'm about to say almost sounds fake, but it's true. Nicolas Cage won the Chinese equivalent to an Oscar for "Best Global Actor in Motion Pictures" in 2013. Here's what he had to say about the love he got from the Far East.

"Making a movie in China, I'm buzzing with good energy. I feel great here. I love the people I'm working with, I love the crew, and there's a genuine warmth and enthusiasm that I get from my conversations."

So random. So amazing. I see you, Nick.

2. David Hasselhoff is kind of well-known to be a big star in Germany

In 1989, David Hasselhoff sang at the Berlin Wall to a newly united Germany and won all of the countrymen and countrywomen's hearts in the process on his way to the top of the charts in the country. The song was corny, but the message was clear. "Looking For Freedom" took on a life of its own after this moment. Relive it below...

3. Halle Berry is also a big star in China... and from the looks of it, she isn't entirely sure why

Halle Berry is still one of the sexiest women on the planet, IMHO. In 2014, she won a Global Icon award at China's Huading Film Awards, further proving that China latches on to their stars (see Nic Cage above) and doesn't let go. Berry was later quoted as saying she felt like an "original Beatle" in China.

4. Germany also loves Kevin James, randomly

I find it hilarious that The King of Queens blew up in Germany. They also followed that up with mad love for I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Zookeeper.

5. Italy has been keeping up with Clint Eastwood since the 1960s

Eastwood has been a huge star in the boot-shaped land since the 1960s, when Sergio Leone's "The Dollars Trilogy" first cemented him as a movie star. Clint actually became a star out in Italy before becoming one of the more iconic actors and directors and overall creative minds in America.

6. Don't ask me why - it truly seems illogical - but Russia is big on Sly Stallone

This doesn't make any sense because Rocky Balboa was the Cold War representative for the United States against Russia. He represented all that was American.

Weird fact: In 2013, Sylvester Stallone presented some art that he made at an exhibit in St. Petersburg. Russians from all across the country came to see it. Check out a video of the event below:

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(Via: Business Insider)


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