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Christian .O. Ortiz

If you look back 3 years ago you will see the history of "The Human Women Guide". The book was published in 2012 and by 2013 it was being spread to a wider audience. To the point where certain people online already knew about the book. The book at the time was NOT being marketed at all. When the book was being written it was merely a publication that wasn't intended for the public. It only went public in the end when certain people started taking notice/interest in the work. The internet was used to bring the book into the stage that it is today. For the film, it will be the same. If the film has its own distribution and has a built-in audience through social platforms, the film is more likely to attract distributors to put it in physical theaters. The net has become a giant testing audience. The Human Women Guide now has an audience and if the momentum for its film keeps building then it has a chance of ending up in theaters. Of course, the film needs to be well directed and have amazing actors in order for that to happen. And we all know that a great film needs grand commitment. Currently the script for the film is being worked on. Let's see how it goes for "The Human Women Guide"


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